Career Series: Top 5 Tips to Master the Networking Game from a Ross BBA Grad

Top 5 Seelio TipsHi, everyone. Rachael here! As a recent graduate from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to land an internship or job. I’ve attended countless corporate presentations, networking sessions, and wrestled through many interviews. Through the ups and the downs of recruiting, I survived and I am here to share my story with Rachael Brunk Ross BBA Graduateyou!

While at Ross, I learned tips on how to master the networking game. Even though I am a business student, I believe the rules are the same for any major. It starts with leveraging your own network, building relationships, and maintaining these relationships with effective follow-up conversations. Whether you are applying for an internship, job, or submitting applications to graduate schools, I am happy to share my advice with fellow Seelio users today! Continue reading

Educator Spotlight: Integrative Portfolios for Social Change

Integrative Portfolios of Social Change with Dr. Katie Richards-Schuster

We asked our educational partner, Dr. Katie Richards-Schuster, to share how the University of Michigan’s Community Action and Social Change minor is using integrative portfolios for social change. See what she had to say about how portfolios are being used in a capstone course to help students:

1) Think critically about community engagement in the classroom and the community;
2) Articulate their passions and commitments for social justice work;
3) Position themselves for social justice and social change in the real world.

Browse the presentation below or watch a recording of our AAEEBL Webinar 


 See CASC on Seelio:

What Makes A Good Portfolio

The best part of a portfolio? It helps you capture your whole story. Don’t feel limited to work or internship experiences, add anything from study abroad experiences to volunteer activities, class projects, athletic leadership activities, and more. This is a space to document your accomplishments so that they can paint a picture of your entire professional story.

Browse these examples created by students on Seelio. What will you add?

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