Have you Googled yourself lately?

by admin

Don’t forget: the internet never forgets. Links to your middle school MySpace account . . .  embarrassing videos . . . pictures from that crazy party last weekend . . . no wonder you didn’t get a call back from that recruiter!

Okay, for most students this scenario is a bit over-exaggerated, but the sentiment remains: anyone can and will Google search you, so be prepared to present yourself to employers. Take it from the pros – James A. Martin, columnist at CIO.com, claims, “it’s a given these days that an employer will Google any serious candidate and look at their first page of search results.”  What shows up on your first page of search results?

Don’t forget to think about what you aren’t posting. Not having an online presence presents an impediment to your job search, too.  Amy Levin-Epstein, CBS MoneyWatch columnist, explains why: “if an employer can’t find you online, you’re a virtual non-entity. It’s like you don’t even exist!” Your name on a research paper, a detailed record of your volunteer work, articles you’ve published — all great things that you should make sure potential employers have access to! But how can you make all of these things (and many more) available in a user-friendly, organized way?

Creating a Seelio is the best way to showcase yourself to employers, who will Google you. Seelio provides a space for you to present your work to the world. Make a Seelio and build your online presence in the process — potential employers will Google you, so make sure they see the best of you!