Savor the Summer, Seelio Style

Labor Day has come and gone and it’s THAT time of year again. Textbooks are calling your name, professors’ e-mails start flooding your inbox, and it is finally time to attempt a normal sleep schedule. Now, before you get too into the craziness of the school year, take a few minutes to savor your summer by capturing the important moments on Seelio!

Whether you have designed a marketing campaign at your Ford internship, saved someone’s life while lifeguarding or raised $1500 in the fight against breast cancer — NOW is the time to make it count.

Step 1. Start by hitting ‘Add Work’ on the upper right corner of your Seelio profile.


Step 2. Add the basic information about the project. This is crucial because it gives readers (potentially recruiters) a high-level, quick view of the scope of this project.

Make sure to convey your passion and show the results! These are things employers love to see. Note, that Seelio is so more than a resume, the basic resume principles for describing your experiences still apply.  Check out this Forbes article for more tips.

Step 3. Elaborate on your projects by adding “Attachments”, “Tags” and Your Contribution. These are great tools to add authenticity to your work and to help recruiters to quickly identify your strengths.

Step 4. Finally, add collaborators to your project! Collaborators are a way to both add legitimacy to your work and show that you work well with other people. These are great things for employers to see. According to a study done by consulting firm Millennial Branding, 92% of recruiters polled look for teamwork skills.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to add pictures to your ‘About Me’ section. If you have a picture that showcases something cool you did this summer (for example, climbing Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, anyone?), even if it does not seem to fit as a project, feel free to add it to your general description with a caption showcasing a little piece of who you are. Savor the Summer, Seelio Style. Showcase your summer experience to get ready for the Fall recruiting season!

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