#DisruptTheResume with Seelio

by Chelsea Hunersen

So you’re getting a B.A. in History, but what does that mean, really? How does an employer know what you bring to the table besides in-depth knowledge of the War of 1812? How can you show employers what you know? Say Hello to Seelio!

Seelio provides a platform for students to showcase projects that would otherwise be marginalized on a typical text-based resume. For example, on Seelio students have showcased projects such as an outreach campaign for a student organization, a marketing strategy for a business class, user experience research on an organizational website, and design experiments developed in their spare time. Seelio has the capability to accentuate an entirely new dimension to your education and experience.

Even more, Seelio enables students to showcase valuable, transferable (broadly applied) skills (e.g, communication, leadership and teamwork) gleaned from club membership or class work. These features enable recruiters to understand the value of your education. In summary, regardless of major or concentration, Seelio enables students to showcase their passions, dynamic capabilities and the work behind their accomplishments.

It’s time for students of all disciplines to distinguish themselves from the two-dimensional world of the traditional resume. It’s time to #DisruptTheResume and showcase yourself with Seelio!