A Message from our CEO, Moses Lee

Hello Everyone,

Happy Wednesday! We have had many exciting things happening at Seelio, and we wanted to give you a quick re-cap of all the excitement!

This past week we hosted Facebook recruiter Will Barnett at our office. He shared great insights with us on the recruiting process, including this little tidbit:

Any ability to learn who a candidate is, beyond just their resume and degree, is critical to finding and assessing the best talent.”

Including Seelio URL on your resume sets you apart by showcasing who you are and what you can do, and it ultimately increases your chances to land a job.  

Here are a few more items to note:

Jobs: Since the opening of the jobs board last week, so many of you have applied for jobs and been contacted by companies. Email us when you land an interview through Seelio. We love hearing your success stories!

Meet the Companies: Companies on Seelio are also showcasing themselves, helping you determine whether they are a good fit for you. Check out these exciting opportunities: FacebookBlackboardAirtime and Fueled.

Be Discovered: If you have not already been convinced to get a Seelio, here is another reason: Seelio is onboarding great companies left and right. For example, Twitter and Palantir signed up just last night!

Seelio has been busy travelling from campus to campus. We have recently been to the University of Illinois, Purdue University, Notre Dame and the University of Michigan. In the coming weeks, we will be back at University of Illinois and at Carnegie Mellon University. If you are a student at either of these schools, email us at students@seelio.com —we would love to meet you and give you some cool swag!

Happy job hunting!


Co-founder & CEO