UPDATES to your Seelio!

by Chelsea Hunersen

New Seelio Profile


New Profile View. We have changed up the color scheme, re-designed a few buttons and let you show a little more information (like both your majors!). We have also made it easier for you to “rearrange” works so you can pick which ones  you want to highlight by dragging them around your Seelio.


New Seelio Gallery


New Image Views. Now you can view works in a much more holistic way! Instead of having to mouse over works to see anything, now you can view the work, title, tags, description and authors in one shot! We have seen a lot of you upload some great stuff, keep it going! And check out our featured gallery to see some of these works!


Seelio Messages


Improved Messaging. Several of you have commented on difficulty messaging, we have noticed this bug too. Fear no more! With the new releases today, this bug has been fixed! Wahoo!

We hope that you all like the new releases today, but we are still working to improve!

We will be working on more new releases these next few weeks, and we want your input.

Post your site suggestions on our forum, and schedule a Seelio playtest with our usability specialist, Jerry, for a chance to win a $50 gift card.


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