See his Seelio: Adventurous Entrepreneur Bryan Elkus

 In honor of “Global Entrepreneurship Week“, we decided to center our first user highlight around entrepreneur and adventure sports star extraordinaire, Bryan Elkus. Bryan is in the Masters of Entrepreneurship program at the University of Michigan and he was kind enough to share with us a little more about his passions.

Bryan Elkus

1) Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in Michigan. I then found myself in the Packaging program at Michigan State. I spent the past 4 years in marketing and media on the coast of North Carolina working for a small company that was rapidly growing. I enjoy the line between technical skills and design. I really love to be outside and enjoy being active.

2) What is it you like about entrepreneurship?

The job description changes day-to-day and creating value for society seems like a worthwhile endeavor and use of time. I really like to be challenged, and having to deal with all kinds of issues that come up while working on a startup keeps things fresh. Making connections and helping friends further their ventures and meeting new people is a really great aspect of having this state of mind.

3) Can you tell us a little about the Masters in Entrepreneurship program at Michigan and why you choose to attend it?

I wanted to become familiar with the frameworks and language of being able to describe what was in my head.  Understanding how and why some people are successful in creating businesses was important to me.  This program is giving us a common language and understanding about how to break down, test and validate ideas so you are not roaming around blind trying to match a product and a market. It all basically comes back to the art of minimizing risk while being innovative to create true value.

University of Michigan Masters of Entrepreneurship4) Why did you create a Seelio- how do you use it?

Being a visual person, Seelio was the perfect way for me to be able to gather my past work and display it in a way that words just can’t do. Now when I talk to someone about a project I worked on all the information and graphics are in one place ready to share in a professional manner.

5) Of which if your seelio works would you say you are most proud?

The work I accomplished in the last few years at REAL is a highlight for me. The vast variety and depth of the projects made this an unbelievable experience.  From traveling the globe, to defining a new brand to breaking into new markets it was an experience I won’t soon forget.

REEL Water Sports

6) You seem to have some pretty diverse interests, what is it you eventually hope to do? 

For now, my goal is to work with a growing company to launch a great product or service.  Down the road I would like to start something on my own when I can find the right idea and have an amazing team.

For more about Bryan’s work in entrepreneurship, action sports and design, check out his seelio.


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