10 Reasons the Seelio Team is Thankful for YOU!

by Moses

This Thanksgiving, the Seelio team wants to share ten reasons why we are thankful for you:

10) Most of you don’t use Internet Explorer. (If you do, download Chrome now and experience Seelio in a whole new way.)

9) You have told recruiters that you don’t have a resume, but you DO have a Seelio.

8) You let us post pictures of you on multiple campuses advertising Seelio. (Thanks Raj!)

7) You put up with our site bugs and report them faithfully. (BTW, we’re still in beta.)

6) You give us great ideas on how to improve Seelio, such as making it into a dating site.

5) You stick our stickers everywhere.

4) You let us know what our competitors are doing and how much you love us more than them.

3) You invite us to give tech talks on your campuses and let us buy you LOTS of pizza.

2) You want to pay good money for our t-shirts, even though they are not for sale.

1) You have a great sense of humor. :)

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

-Moses & the Seelio Team

P.S. You definitely want to check out Seelio today. There are some surprises!