Featured Gallery: SOUNDS of the Season!

by Chelsea Hunersen

It’s that time of year, turkey has been eaten, black friday shopped, Gangnam Style became the most viewed video of all time on YouTube. This means only one thing, its time for holiday music to start! In honor of this recent development, Seelio has decided to celebrate some of its musical users. So before you fire up that Christmas Pandora station, see some of Seelio’s featured musical talent!

Music Gallery

This week be sure to check out ‘works’ such as:

Percussion Based Theatre (GROOVE / JUICE) by Nelson Cooper, BSE Interdisciplinary Engineering and Program in the Environment, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (’12)

GROOVE Percussion Based Theatre

“Loose Yourself” Musical Score by Brandon Angelini at University of Notre Dame (’16)

Music on Facebook by Gaurav Kulkarni, BS Computer Science at University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (’13)

Microsoft Shape the Future by Taylor Lauren Burch, BA Journalism: Strategic Communications & Business minor at University of Missouri – Columbia (’13)

Grammy U Liaison – The Recording Academy by Natalie Cheng, MBA Music Business at Belmont University (’13)

Radio Jam by Yuma UesakaBSE Computer Science Engineering & Jazz Studies at University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (’14)

Tachi by RJ Marsan, MS at University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign (’13)

Ravinia Festival Engagement Event by Heidi Kirby, MA Philanthropy, Advancement and Development at University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (’14)

The Scene Aesthetic Music Detail by Chelsea FiglanBS Media and Information at Michigan State University (’13)

Laser Harp by Deborah Tien, BA Astrophysics at Wellesley College (’12)

Laser Harp

Michigan Marching Band by Joshua Buschbaum, BSE Computer Engineering at University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (’15)

UDJ by Kurtis Nusbaum, MS at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (’13)

Music Production by Minji KimBS Information Systems, Minor Music Technology, at Carnegie Mellon University (’12)

MusiClips  by Lulu Wen, BS in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Northwestern University (’13)

Voices of Faith Gospel Choir by Jake Bebar, BBA Entrepreneurial Management and Theology at University of Notre Dame (’15)



Seelio is working to create theme galleries for the next few weeks. If you have ideas of themes or works we should feature, contact Chelsea (chelsea@seelio.com).