See His Seelio: UofI Freshman Hacker, Achal Varma

Today we are profiling Achal Varma, one of our rockstar freshman on Seelio. Achal came from New Delhi, India to study computer science at the University of Illinois. His love of web development, dogs and cricket make him a true Seelionian!

Moses and Achal

1. Tell me a little more about yourself, as an international student how did you find yourself at UofI?

I was born and brought up in New Delhi, India, and I’m currently a freshman at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I’m interested in new technology, good design, and aspire to one day create something that has the potential to change the world, which are some of the reasons why I chose to attend the U of I. I enjoy designing and programming stuff for the web.

2. You say in your ‘About Me’ that “The World of Technology and its Broad Horizons” excites you, why?

Technology around us is changing and evolving rapidly, at a pace I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fathom. There’s always something new going on, something new being developed. Amazing things are being done with circuits and code — and to me, it is becoming increasingly apparent that technology is changing the life as we know it. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, I will get a chance to be part of this change, and this excites me no end. It motivates me, and spurs me on.

achal hackathon 3. Why did you decide to create a Seelio- how do you use it?

I first came across Seelio when it was featured on TechCrunch this past August, and I signed up immediately. I liked how users could add images and videos in order to better demonstrate their work. It’s awesome how Seelio made my work seem more like ‘work’, and not just snippets of text, like on my paper-based resume.

I design and develop for the web, so the ability to add visual elements to the work I list on my Seelio is awesome. I recently started using Seelio’s ‘Jobs’ feature, in order to search for internship opportunities for the coming summer, and the whole thing is really well engineered. Finding the right kind of job listings and applying for them is a breeze.

4. Of which of your Seelio works would you say you are most proud?

I’m most proud of my involvement with Exun (my High School’s Computer club). Calling Exun ‘work’, wouldn’t be the best way to describe it — It was an experience. Being part of a club with people who had similar interests and inclinations helped me learn more about technology, Computer Science, and the like. I served as the club’s Coordinator for one academic year, and I enjoyed every moment of it. It taught me how be a team player and get stuff done whilst having fun at the same time. It was somewhat like a startup —  Get a team together, do something cool, build something awesome.


5. What is something not on your Seelio that people should know about you?

Umm, lots of stuff that I can list here, but I’ll probably just say that I’m not your regular computer geek. I do stuff other than just sit in front of a computer all day, like, uh, sleep. Also, People say that I also have quite the sense of humor.

6. What do you ultimately hope to do in life?

The image of an ‘ultimate goal’ is still fuzzy in my mind, but at the moment it looks something graduating, and then working on a technology that has the potential to change the world. My options are still open, and the vast world of technology lies before me. :)


We are excited to see great things come from Achal in the next few years! For more about Achal’s journey, see his Seelio.

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