12 Fun Facts About Seelio

In honor of 12/12/12 (the last repetitive date in history), we wanted to present you with 12 fun facts you may not have known about Seelio:

1) Our 1st home was in the Duderstadt Center – Most startups don’t have office space at first. Seelio started in the Duderstadt Center, a massive library on the University of Michigan’s North Campus. This library is generally frequented by engineers, art students and CS majors who have classes on North Campus. How fitting!

2) We work at Menlo Innovations- Seelio currently works in downtown Ann Arbor out of the office of the software company, Menlo Innovations. Menlo is renowned for its company culture, much of which Seelio has adopted for itself! We are very thankful to be here.

3) Seelio is Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan – home to the University of Michigan where most BUT NOT ALL of its employees attended university for undergrad.

4) Average Age of Seelio Employees is About 25
This is including everyone from our high school interns to our CEO.

5) There Were Several Potential Company Names Before Seelio – The company was almost called Xolio, Aboutme360.com and workaloud.com before it actually became truApp in alpha, then Seelio as it is now.

6) The CTO of Seelio Majored in Civil Engineering
So did another Seelio Co-Founder. And the site designer majored in Economics! Just goes to show, you don’t have to work in the field of your major.

7) Seelio Writes Comics of the Day  – They’re actually pretty funny. Someday we will publish them.

8) There are Two Dogs Roaming Around the Seelio Office – Okay, they belong to Menlo employees, but their names are Murphy and Lily and they are adorable.

9) Waffle Wednesday – is a favorite activity of the Seelio team. Okay, it just started today, but its gonna be great!

10) One of the Seelio Co-Founders is an Expert at the Chinese Yo-Yo – and the Seelio Community Manager has performed on the circus (think flying trapeze, not clowning…)

11) The Secret Seelio Mascot is a Llama – This was inspired by lead designer Sharon’s love of the animal. We might one day work the llama into our site design, so if you have any ideas…

12) We Almost Got Kicked Out of a Career Fair – For being too aggressive. But that’s just the way startups are. The school shall remain nameless, but we still love them and will be back to visit soon!

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Seelio. Stay tuned as we find more fun facts in the coming weeks!