REPOST: Recruiting, Talent and Your Portfolio: Joanna Kroll, Senior Associate at the University of Michigan

by Chelsea Hunersen

Some of you know that while in alpha, what you now know as Seelio, was named truApp, and that we posted lots of blog entries on our truApp blog. Some of those entries seemed so important we figured we’d post them again. This is one of them. Enjoy! Find the original entry here.

REPOST: Recruiting, Talent and Your Portfolio: Joanna Kroll, Senior Associate at the University of Michigan


Meet Joanna Kroll. As a Senior Associate in Career Development at the University of Michigan School of Information, she has the scoop on recruiting, your portfolio and keeping up with the digital world. 

Joanna Kroll

The trend in recruiting these days indicates that recruiters in all industries are becoming more strategic about how to uncover hidden talent faster.  In this fast-paced, digital world, recruiters are looking for accomplished talent beyond looking at traditional resumes and cover letters.  They want to be able to evaluate and assess talent on a deeper, more strategic and holistic level, faster!  How are they doing this?  They are turning to eportfolios for more evidence of talent, skills, experience, personality and fit to better meet their organizational needs faster and more effectively.

A professional eportfolio is quickly becoming a job search tool recruiters expect when recruiting talent these days.  A good eportfolio can be a one-stop package showcasing your qualifications that reaches deeper levels of evidence than a standard resume and cover letter. Keep in mind that resumes and cover letters are just as important as an eportfolio as many recruiters do still prefer to see a resume and cover letter first, and then will go to the eportfolio as the second step in recruiting.   Your eportfolio should complement (not take the place of!) the content on your resume and cover letter in such a way that it provides recruiters the full picture of who you are and what you can do for them.  The eportfolio should provide proof of evidence that complements your content on a one-page resume and cover letter.

I’ve been a career counselor for 12 years at the University of Michigan School of Information, and my advice to my students has always been that in order to land that dream job, you MUST utilize every job search resource and tool available to you.  You NEED TO market your skills and talents to recruiters any way you can. And these days, recruiters are going to the web to uncover online portfolios, personal web pages, and social media plaftorms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Pinterest) to find talent faster these days.  As a job seeker, YOU MUST be aware of these trends and react to them by creating an online presence through a professional eportfolio today!


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