[REBLOG] MHacks: How Hackathons Work

by Chelsea Hunersen

MHacks, one of the biggest student hackathons in the country is coming up this weekend. They posted this blog earlier on how exactly hackathons work, we wanted to make sure you saw it too.

Enjoy, and look for Seelio @ MHacks this weekend!

How Hackathons Work:

Michigan Hackers

Hackathons are fast-paced contests, limited to typically 12-36 hours of work, in which teams of computer programmers code a software application.

  1. Form a team. Choose people you would enjoy spending time with and have complementary skills. Backend, frontend, design – these skills are all needed for a great hack!
  2. Identify a problem. Well…not every team necessarily does that. But teams think of a problem or idea to base their hack on.
  3. Come up with the solution. How can building ‘X’ solve ‘Y’. It’s perfectly fine to hack together a game or “fun” application (by denise). But if you want to win a prize and typically create something of great value, build something people “need”, not just “want”.
  4. Execute on your idea. Build the application, and on the side, the name, logo and website that goes with it.
  5. Present your finished application. Teams demo their apps to judges/investors.
  6. (Hopefully) collect your prize. If your hack best used a sponsored API or won another category prize, you take home money, a SF trip or something else cool.

Is this everything that goes with a hackathon? No. But it’s an outline of what a hackathon is and what teams must do to win the grand prize.

Happy hacking!

The post originally appeared on the MHacks blog. You can find the original post here and if this post piqued your interest, learn all about the official MHacks event on their site!