See Her Seelio: Music Business Student, Social Media Maven: Natalie Cheng

Music Business student Natalie Cheng was one of the first Seelio users, and one of the most interesting. With experience in music, social media and more, Natalie is a great example of putting talent to practice.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you decide to get an MBA in Music Business, how is it different than a typical MBA program? 

Natalie Cheng

I’m Natalie Cheng and I am currently a graduate student at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. I am originally from Texas and I enjoy swimming (I was on the swim team from elementary to high school) and music. I love learning about social media and read various blogs about marketing and tech. In terms of careers, I am interested in roles that involve marketing, social media, technology, or the music industry.

I decided to get an MBA in Music Business because I wanted to learn more about the industry and connect with music business professionals in Nashville a.k.a. Music City. I am in an MBA program that is accelerated (1 year) where all students take the same core courses. Students have an option to take different electives in order to concentrate on a certain area of business such as accounting, finance, healthcare, and music business. I have taken music business electives and will take some marketing electives. I like that the MBA program at Belmont allows us to customize our degree with different electives.

One of your Seelio works is the “Grammy U Liaison — The Recording Academy”, can you tell us a little about what you did there? What was your favorite part of the experience?

Grammy U Liaison
The Recording Academy has an organization called Grammy U where college students that are interested in working in the music industry could learn more about the business and network with professionals. There are various chapters of Grammy U around the U.S. and various college representatives. I was a college representative for The Recording Academy while attending Texas A&M University. As a Grammy U Liaison, I helped recruit new members at my school to The Recording Academy by talking about the Grammy U organization and posting flyers. I also volunteered at various events held by The Recording Academy.

My favorite part of the experience was getting to volunteer on the Grammy U Tweet Team during SXSW in Austin, TX. As part of the Grammy U Tweet Team, I along with a few other Grammy U reps went to various locations in downtown Austin to hand out free things and recruit new members to the organization during the annual SXSW conference. We had a person in Los Angeles sending out tweets on Twitter telling followers to find us in Austin for free stuff and to win prizes. I enjoyed participating in the Grammy U Tweet Team because I got to collaborate with other students from different schools and meet music business professionals.

Why did you decide to create a Seelio and how do you use it?

I decided to create a Seelio because I wanted to find a way to showcase the projects and experiences I had. There wasn’t really any other platform that students could use. Most platforms were only for people with full-time experience and usually only included text. Seelio helps me show companies what I have done in a beautiful, visual way.

Natalie Cheng


You seem to have had a lot of different experiences, what is your favorite thing on your Seelio and why?

My favorite thing on my Seelio would probably have to be my internship experience at Music World Entertainment. That internship gave me my first glimpse into how a record label and management company operated. As part of the internship, interns got a chance to travel to New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival. I got to help out at the company booth and enjoyed seeing performances and exploring New Orleans. The internship experience also helped me gain more confidence and develop my presentation skills.

Music World Internship

Is there anything not on your Seelio that we should know about you?

I manage a music and technology blog called Music Think Tank ( I also used to work at an ice cream shop and was complimented for making a beautiful banana split. ;)

Lots of Seelio users are deciding to whether or not to go to business school. As someone pursuing an MBA, why is one piece of advice you would give someone deciding whether or not to apply? 

If you’re deciding whether or not to apply for an MBA, make sure that pursuing a graduate degree aligns with your career goals. Ask yourself things like: What do I want to get out of pursuing an MBA? Is this the right time to pursue an MBA? How will an MBA help me move forward toward my career goals? Deciding on whether or not to apply for an MBA is a big decision and investment. Make sure to think through your decision.

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