How Melissah Lang Got Her Foot in the Door: An Intern’s Story

In the course of Seelio’s history we have been able to work with a lot of awesome people, many of them interns. Since we’re all about sharing stories at Seelio, we asked one of our former interns, Melissah Lang, to share her’s.

So we present to you, Melissah’s thoughts on networking, job searching, working at Seelio and more! Enjoy!

Seelionians, allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Melissah: a baking-obsessed college senior and a fellow Seelio-user.  I was also an intern at Seelio last semester.  Just a couple of months ago, out of desperation to get in with the Seelio crew (they just looked so cool…), I broke into the headquarters and camped out by Moses’ desk until he gave me a job.   Then I became a Campus Ambassador! Yay!

Just kidding. I was a Campus Ambassador and the Seelio team is really cool… but that is not how I became an intern.  (Please don’t try that method, I don’t think it will be well-received!) The real story is much less creepy.

I joined Seelio at the suggestion of a friend who found an internship through the site.  At this point Seelio was still called TruApp, and was only slightly less awesome than it is now.  I kept up with my profile and perused the job section every once in a while, but I didn’t become an active user until my senior year (this year).

As all of you college seniors can probably imagine I was in full-time job-search mode by the last week of August.  My friends were getting job offers from their summer internships, but I had nothing!  In my career-fueled frenzy, I skipped class (shhh…) to attend the UMich Fall Career Expo and luckily, met Moses Lee and my now-mentor, Ginny.  Moses recognized my face from my truApp profile, and I had a great conversation with Ginny about her experience with the Seelio team.  I went home that night and emailed my new contacts, and a few days later I was in the office helping with campus outreach!  I’ve been here ever since, and I am so grateful for my first experience with a technology start-up.

Sometimes it can be hard to stay optimistic about using networking as a tool to find career opportunities, right?  I know the drill better than anyone: buy a great skirt-suit, perfect your cover letter and résumé, and give your one-minute elevator pitch to anyone that will listen.  Follow-up with every professional you meet by telling them how interesting their story is and how you would love the opportunity to follow in their footsteps. End your note with a polite farewell (“best”, “regards”, “cheers”… yeah, we all know you don’t sign personal emails like that) then cross your fingers and hope someone responds with a job offer.  The process is monotonous, energy-intensive and sometimes can feel hopeless– but my best advice is something you have undoubtedly already heard: continue reaching out and make every connection possible!  This is especially important if you want to enter the entrepreneurial world.

In my eight weeks as a Campus Ambassador, I have been repeatedly impressed at how many connections my colleagues make on a daily basis.  Whenever I bring up my experience with Seelio, at least one person in the room chimes in with “Oh, Seelio? I know Moses Lee!”  This has become such a routine occurrence that I’ve developed a standard response (“Oh yeah, Moses a popular guy… he knows everyone!”).  It makes total sense though; how else would these entrepreneurial spirits be able to recruit and organize a team to help bring their ideas to life?

Recently, I saw a stack of paper résumés piled on a desk here at the Seelio office…  Let’s just say it looked like there might have been a layer of dust over the top one .  If I hadn’t met Ginny and Moses at my school’s career fair, it is likely that I would be lost in that stack too!

But luckily for me, this story has a happy ending.  In sharing my own success story, I only hope to remind you that it IS possible to land a dream position through job fairs and networking…. so keep your heads up Seelionians, and be sure to let me know about your victories along the way J!

Until next time,
Melissah  <3

If you want to learn more about Melissah and ask about her experience, you can check out her Seelio. Also, if you are interested in being a Campus Ambassador at Seelio (we promise, we do at least look at every resume, but networking helps a lot), you can apply here.