Learning Portfolios: Perspectives from Associate Dean, Dr. Lynn Wooten

Lynn Wooten, Associate Dean, Ross School of Business, learning portfoliosIntegrative Knowledge / Learning Portfolios at the Ross School of Business

We count ourselves as pretty lucky to get to learn from the best at the University of Michigan.

Just the other week, we invited Dr. Lynn Wooten, the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, to kick off our Seelio team retreat with her perspective on learning portfolios.

She has been integrating portfolios into coursework at the Ross School of Business for the past few years as a way to help students take knowledge from tacit (something they learn in the classroom) to explicit (something they can apply in real life).

Action-Based Learning Pyramid, Learning Portfolios

Dr. Wooten’s goals for action-based learning

Learning Portfolios in the Classroom

In Dr. Wooten’s curriculum, learning portfolios enable students to create a professional, digital identity where they develop:

  • Expertise (reflecting and analyzing where they have strengths)
  • Experience (doing and trying new things to build skills)
  • Execution Capability (refining abilities to demonstrate knowledge)
  • Executive Presence (understanding and directing oneself as a learner)

We were able to see this curriculum in action when we visited Dr. Wooten’s spring semester course on Strategic Management of Knowledge in Professional Service Firms. While we were there, we heard from Kelle Parsons, Dr. Wooten’s course assistant,  about why learning portfolios are an integral part of the course:

“E-portfolios are an excellent way for students to reflect on things they’ve learned from their experiences both inside and outside the classroom and represent them visually for their colleagues and instructors.  Portfolios enable others to understand the unique learning of each student in a deeper, richer way.”


Connecting the Classroom with Real-World Experiences

We also got a chance to see how students are using Seelio as a tool to demonstrate knowledge. Take a look at Marzuq Haque’s portfolio project reflecting on one of the semester’s consulting projects: 

Seelio Project: Excellent Schools Detroit, learning portfolios

We love getting to be a part of this process and working every day to make a portfolio platform that helps students and educators work together to enhance learning opportunities.

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