New Features on Seelio: Likes, Lightboxes, People, and Privacy

Have you noticed some new treats on Seelio lately? Read on for updates about some of our new features:

Like and Be Liked

See something you like as you browse your news feed or the gallery? Now you can “like” what you see! Hop into the gallery and like something today.

Like Feature on Seelio

 A New Look for Your Works

We are always looking for ways to make sure your works look great. Now when you browse the gallery and click on a work to explore it more, a lightbox feature helps your project stand out and truly be noticed. P.S. See the work view count? That’s new for you too!

New Work View

A New Look for the People Page

When you spend time on Seelio it should be easy for you to find people and projects that are most interesting to you. Now your dashboard activity feed shows you updates on people you’re following, people in your group(s), projects from collaborators, works you liked, or works you commented on.

Also the People page makes it easier to quickly browse the people you’re following, the people who follow you, and people who are like you. If you want to see more activity on your dashboard, find some interesting people to follow!

Seelio's People Page

Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

We hope you want to show off all of the great things you’re working on but we understand that sometimes it’s good to keep things under wraps until you’re ready to share them. Now for every work you add, you have privacy settings that enable you to make it visible only to you, only to a group you’re a member of, or to the whole world.

Privacy Settings