New Features on Seelio: More Visibility for Your Work

We’re excited to share some exciting new features released on Seelio this week. Have a feature request or an idea to share? Let us know!

See Who Has Liked Your Work

Curious about who’s been liking your work on Seelio? Now you can hover over a like count to see who has liked that work.

See Who Has Liked Your Work


Enhanced View of Collaborators 

For team projects, you can now see all of the collaborators on a work in the Dashboard and Gallery view. We figured if you all worked hard on it you should all get credit! Also, now when someone interacts with the project by commenting on it or editing it, their profile picture appears alongside the project.

Dashboard View of Work with Collaborators

See All of a Work's Collaborators

Gallery View of Work With Collaborators

Gallery View of Collaborators


Globe, Lock, and Group Icons to Show You Who Can See Your Work

At a glance, see the privacy settings for your work and, if applicable, which group(s) that work is associated with.

Globe icon: Visible to Everyone

Visible to Everyone

 Lock icon: Private to only You or A Group

Private to a Group

 Group icon: See All groups Where your Work appears 

See Where Your Work Can Be Found


Featured Members in Groups

Sometimes after you’ve done something  special you might want a litte extra recognition. Now a group administrator can add you to a featured members list simply with the click of a button. That means that when you’re a part of a group you can have both your work and your profile on a featured list!

Featuring a Group Member