Career Tip: Preparing for an Interview

How to Prepare for an Interview

Bring Your Portfolio To The Interview

Bring Your Portfolio!

After sending out resumes, cover letters, and emails, you finally got one– the elusive interview! Read some of our quick tips about how to prepare for an interview below:

1) Craft your story. This is essential. Figure out the main points you want to make about how you are uniquely suited for the position based on what you’ve done. A little hint: creating a portfolio is a helpful way to get to know yourself, your strengths, and your accomplishments so that when you’re in your interview you can easily summarize and show what you know! If you need some ideas of what you can capture in your portfolio, check out our “What You Can Do Here” section for some examples.

2) Come prepared. Do a little research on the company. When I’ve asked previous candidates “What do you know about us?” and I’m met with a blank stare it’s a sign that this isn’t going to be a great fit. Dig in to the types of products or services that the company is offering. Start a conversation about how you could add value to the work they’re already doing. For more on this, see Seelio CEO Moses Lee’s recent interview with the New York Times, “Before the Job Interview, Do Your Homework“.

3) Show what makes you unique. This goes back to point number one, but what is something that sets you apart? A passion for long-distance running (indicative of your persistance and commitment)? An interest in community building (evidence of your persuasive skills and how you are self-driven)? Find the story that will help the interviewer connect with you. Sometimes it helps to show what you’ve done, so if you have a portfolio, bring a tablet or iPad with you and scroll through some of your projects. You can pretty much guarantee a memorable interview!

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