New on Seelio: Full Page Work View

Seelio Brings Your Work to the Next Level with a Full Page Work View

Now when you click the link on a work from the Dashboard, Gallery, or someone’s portfolio, you land on an enhanced, full-page view that shows all of the work’s attachments, descriptions, and collaborators.

This means that when you share a link to your work on your favorite social network or in an email to a recruiter, they will see your work at its best. Read more about the new design below!

Help Image

What you’ll find from left to right:

  • Like and Share buttons are on the left side of each work to enable easy sharing.
  • Work title and categories appear at the top along with a general description to give context for the work.
  • Icons (lock, globe, or group) depict who can see the work and what groups it appears in. Simply hover over them to get more information.
  • Views and likes are counted in the upper right corner to let you see the exposure level of the work at a glance.
  • All of the attachments appear in large tiles and can be expanded to fullscreen or viewed directly from the page.
  • Collaborators and their contributions appear at the right to show who participated in the work and the impact that they made. With just one click, follow or message one or all of the work’s collaborators.
  • Comments ¬†appear below the attachments for anyone to provide feedback or kudos about the work.

Hop over to Seelio to explore the new full-page view!

Write-Wall Full Page View