Why You Should Add Collaborators to Your Works

by Emily Keller-Logan

Have you ever struggled with presenting your group projects or teamwork during an interview? The collaborators feature on Seelio allows multiple users who have collaborated on a project to produce a single work that reflects both the collective team vision and the individual contributions of each member.

How the collaborators feature can be useful:

  1. Collaborators lend credibility to your work. Demonstrating how you’ve worked well in a team along with your own individual contribution to a team project is valuable information for recruiters and other audiences. See a great example of a group work by Joshua, Aubrey, Jessica, and Brad.

  2. Collaborative works are a great way to document team projects that are currently in progress. Having a collection of presentations, photos, and documents in one place keeps the project organized. It’s also useful for keeping project mentors and advisors in the loop on your team’s progress and prompting them for feedback.

  3. Adding collaborators is a good way to connect with people you’ve worked with on a more professional level.

Here’s how it works:

Emily, Ginny, and Moses worked on a project together called “AppleCee” Now that the project is complete, Emily wants to add it to her portfolio so that she can show her teamwork to recruiters during job fairs and interviews.

  • Emily creates the work “AppleCee” and adds a short description and a few attachments like the group’s PowerPoint presentation and title slide. group work
  • She then adds Ginny and Moses, who are both already on Seelio, as collaborators.
  • After Emily finishes the work, Ginny and Moses will receive an email notifying them that Emily has added them as a collaborator to the work “AppleCee”. The work will automatically appear on each collaborator’s profile.
  • Emily, Ginny, and Moses will then share the work’s Title, Attachments, Category, Tags, and Description, and will be able to edit these pieces as well as add additional collaborators to the work. For example, if Ginny decides to change the title of the work to “AppleCee Marketing Presentation”, the title of the work will change for each collaborator.collaborator work
  • Emily, Ginny, and Moses each have unique fields for their “Role” and “Contribution”. This is the best place for each collaborator to individually emphasize or elaborate on their personal contribution to the work.
  • Every collaborator also has the right to remove any other collaborator from the work or to delete the work from their profile. Even if one collaborator deletes the work, the work will still appear on any remaining collaborators’ profile(s).
  • All collaborators will be notified by email and by a Seelio notification if changes have been made to the work. They can configure the exact frequency of emails and Seelio notifications in their account settings.role and contribution
Ready to add some collaborators to your works? Get started!