Guest Post: How Jonathan Jackson Built His Personal Brand on Seelio

We know the process of building a portfolio can feel daunting but it can really pay off! That’s why we asked author, LinkedIn(er), and recent grad Jonathan Jackson to share about his experience with Seelio and how it helped him build his personal brand. See his advice for how you can craft your story and build a strong portfolio in our interview below.

Jonathan Jackson's Seelio

1) How did you find Seelio?

I spent a lot of time senior year thinking about how I was going to differentiate myself. I had a lot of friends landing jobs for after school, and I did not want to get left behind. I started looking for sites that could help me display my specific skillsets, and stumbled onto Seelio. The internet is a wonderful place : )

2) How has building your Seelio portfolio helped you define your personal brand?

I am a visual learner, so Seelio was really helpful when it came to laying out the specific projects I had done throughout college. I think students underestimate how much they do over the course of 4 years, and Seelio helped in making me aware of the breadth and scope of the projects I did. Reports, presentations, all have a home in Seelio, so nothing is irrelevant. You can actually create a dynamic library that can always be updated and refreshed.  Everything can fit there! It is your digital warehouse for your accomplishments that grows with you.

3) Which work on your Seelio portfolio best represents you?Push

That’s hard to say! I think it’s my most recent book, Push: An Insider Guide to Building Your Brand, Managing Your Wallet & Starting Your Career. It combines my love for writing, my curiosity for tech and innovation, and my passion for millenials. It took 8 months, and started off as a dream that’s now finally a real thing.

4) What’s your advice for writing a compelling story for the “About” section of a portfolio?

Be authentic. Your story is best told when you are yourself. I’d start by just freewriting all the things you want to say about yourself. Once you finish, you will probably have some common themes or phrases that stick out to you. Focus on those, and start to craft your story around that.

5) What advice would you have for other students who are trying to use Seelio to build their brand? Where should they start?

Start with “why”. You have always had a brand, but now you need to determine what you want it to stand for, and how you want that message to be communicated to the world.

6) What should students keep in mind when they write a description for their work? What should they avoid?

Keep it brief and informative. Anyone can make something, but it gets interesting when you tell a story. Imagine someone only has sixty seconds to look over your profile. What do you want them to remember? Think big picture. How many people did you present to? What numbers can you attach to your summer internship? You matter, and so does the work you do in school. Your job is to communicate that in ways that are compelling, unique, and relevant.

Avoid getting sucked into the tiny details. They are important perhaps in an interview, but on a high level they can sometimes distract from the actual goal you accomplished.

I like to think of it like an equation:

Problem (what you were working to address) + Leverage (how you worked with the data you had) = Results (numbers & metrics you increased/decreased/affected)

That equation shifts depending on the type of work you are doing, but it is a great way to think big picture and present your unique projects and accomplishments clearly and directly.

7) Where else can students find you online? 

You can always find me pretty much everywhere. Twitter, follow me on LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest!  You can check out my personal site at, where you can learn more about who I am and what I do. Never hesitate to reach out with any questions, help, or if you just want to chat!

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