Career Series: Five Tips On Managing Your Personal Brand

Top 5 Seelio TipsOne of the best interview tips I received was: know the key things you want your interviewer to remember about you and don’t leave the interview until they know them.

What are those “things”? Well, that takes some work to figure out. Those “things” are the pieces of your personal brand and if you haven’t thought about it yet it’s a great time to start.

Where do you begin? This post is by no means the the only place but here are 5 tips to get you started:

1) Know yourself.

It will be hard to leave a lasting impression if you’re not aware of the things that make you unique. But a lot of our unique factors stop feeling so unique when we live with them every day. Consider contacting 10-15 of your closest friends, mentors, and family members to survey them about what they consider unique about you. Ask questions like:

  • “What adjectives would you use to describe me?”
  • “What do you consider to be my top strengths? Weaknesses?”
  • “When have you seen me at my best? What was I doing?”
  • “If you could picture me in any career, what would it be and why?”

Spend time doing some self-evaluation as well with a personality or strengthsfinder test. Gather as much information as you can about experiences you have had that you liked, skills that you consider to be your strongest, and what your friends and family have to say about you. Then it’s time to move to step two and start evaluating.

2) Hone your story.

Collect all of the research about yourself and find the themes. What surfaces over and over again? Which attributes that others have mentioned resonate the most with you? With a little reflection you can soon start to identify your core story. Think about the main “things” that you want people to know about you. A little hint? You can see how other Seelio students are doing this by revisiting the Seelio Walkthrough and browsing through examples of how other students are crafting their “About” section.  Once you know your main themes, you’ve got to get comfortable with how you communicate your story to others. That leads us to tip number three.

3) Practice your pitch.

From your elevator pitch to your intro emails, know the best way to architect your narrative to make an impact with your audience. In my humble opinion, a great place to start is with this 5 minute video called “6 Elevator Pitches for the 21st Century” by Dan Pink, author of To Sell is Human


4) Bring it online.

Online PortfolioThose “things” about you? They should be immediately visible in your online presence. If you say you’re passionate about empowering people, demonstrate that by sharing relevant articles via your Twitter feed. If you want to show that you’re an effective communicator, start a blog. If you say you’re able to build a movement, document your process and share it in your portfolio. Link to people who are noticing your work. If people aren’t finding it, start sharing it! Join relevant groups and listen with interest to the stories that members are sharing. When the timing is right, share your own story.

“Social media makes it so that thousands of people can “see” you and follow your work and leadership. Social media can make you more visible to all the right people – if you use it right – if you market yourself with professionalism and authenticity.” from Why Personal Branding Is the Most Effective Career Tool for Young Professionals

5) Believe in yourself.

The only way your personal brand will work for you is if you truly believe it. Reinforce it with activities that put your ideas into action. Getting to know yourself and your story is one of the reasons we believe it’s so helpful to build a portfolio. The best part of it all? You’re not alone. Learn from other students who have built a strong personal brand– like Jonathan Jackson. He joined Seelio his senior year and shares his advice for using Seelio to hone your personal brand in his recent guest post.

Jonathan Jackson

Keep sharing your story with us on Seelio. Find more of our Career Series in our earlier posts about how juniors and seniors are using Seelio, how to rock your interview, and how to master the networking game.

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