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Seelio at the University of Michigan

Seelio at UM

Founded by University of Michigan graduates, Seelio has deep roots in Ann Arbor and with the University of Michigan community. It makes sense that a lot of our initial learning and exploration with Seelio happened on Michigan’s campus. Over the last three years we’ve been proud to serve students in:

Hear from students, deans, and program officers across the university about how Seelio is helping them tell their story:

You can find us in classes and departments across campus, working with students and faculty to find a way to help students document their experiential learning in online portfolios. We love all of our partners, but we’ll always have a special appreciation for our hometown! Go blue!

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Seelio at Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication

Scripps College of Communication and Seelio

Bridging the Gap Between Students & Employers

In early April, we launched our partnership at Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication with key capstone classes and student organizations. After one of our morning workshops, we wereGretchen sharing her portfolio thrilled to run into one student, Gretchen Kessler, who was still in the lobby working on her portfolio. To the right, we have a picture of her sharing her progress with other students.

We look forward to continuing to work this fall with more Scripps faculty and students to highlight their innovative work and to enable the College to show how it is preparing students to succeed in their careers. Over time, all Scripps students will begin using Seelio to document and showcase their college experience.

“Seelio allows the user to uncover a powerful interface that will bridge the gap between them and employers near and far. I’m also pleased about its ability to provide an assessment tool for the College’s faculty and students that will help us gauge impact of curricula on our students.”

Dr. Scott Titsworth, Dean of The Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University

Students are already capturing their writing, PR, documentary, and film experiences and we know there is even more to come. Follow students’ work in the Scripps College of Communication Showcase.

Read about our partnership with the Scripps College of Communication here.

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Seelio at West Virginia University’s Department of Communication Studies

In the spring of 2013, we met Brittany Swope, a student from West Virginia University, who was building a great portfolio on Seelio. We messaged her to compliment her work and soon we were talking with her professor, Andrea Weber. It didn’t take long to see that WVU’s Department of Communication Studies was committed to helping students capture their classroom learning to demonstrate how it is preparing them for their future.

Seelio at WVU

Later that fall, we launched an official partnership with the Department of Communication Studies to embed Seelio directly into cornerstone classes to enable students to begin capturing competencies from day one of their college experience. Students began creating their portfolio with assignments and extracurricular activities, tagging their experiences with the core competencies of the Communication Studies program.

WVU Comm Studies Competencies

Communication Studies Competencies as Tags

We’ve since expanded to additional courses and also host a showcase of WVU Communication Studies Alumni that students can use to connect with alumni for mentorship opportunities.

We love working with the talented faculty and students at WVU and we’re excited to continue to help students capture their learning outcomes and stand out in their job search!

See Seelio from the perspective of faculty and students at WVU:


See WVU’s Department of Communication Studies on Seelio: seelio.com/g/wvucommstudies.

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