Seelio at West Virginia University’s Department of Communication Studies

In the spring of 2013, we met Brittany Swope, a student from West Virginia University, who was building a great portfolio on Seelio. We messaged her to compliment her work and soon we were talking with her professor, Andrea Weber. It didn’t take long to see that WVU’s Department of Communication Studies was committed to helping students capture their classroom learning to demonstrate how it is preparing them for their future.

Seelio at WVU

Later that fall, we launched an official partnership with the Department of Communication Studies to embed Seelio directly into cornerstone classes to enable students to begin capturing competencies from day one of their college experience. Students began creating their portfolio with assignments and extracurricular activities, tagging their experiences with the core competencies of the Communication Studies program.

WVU Comm Studies Competencies

Communication Studies Competencies as Tags

We’ve since expanded to additional courses and also host a showcase of WVU Communication Studies Alumni that students can use to connect with alumni for mentorship opportunities.

We love working with the talented faculty and students at WVU and we’re excited to continue to help students capture their learning outcomes and stand out in their job search!

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