An easier way to see your work!

Feroze giving a demo on Innovation Day

Every other Thursday at Seelio we have something called Innovation Day. It’s a time for our tech and design team to think creatively about innovations they want to take on to improve the Seelio experience for students and educators.

There are some pretty cool innovations that we can’t share just yet, but we do have something neat to share with you today.

We’ve made it easier for people browsing Seelio to see other works you’ve created when they look at one of your works. 

Try it out by going to a work page and hovering over the black bar at the bottom!

We did this to make it easier for people to see more of your work when they encounter one of your other works in the gallery or somewhere else on the web. At the end of the day, it’s all about celebrating the cool stuff you’re creating!

Have suggestions about this feature or other features you’d like to see on Seelio? Let us know!