Melissa Shares About How to Use a Portfolio to Get Hired

We are excited to introduce you to Melissa Stoker, an inspirational leader and a confident go-getter. She recently graduated from Towson University with a BA in International Studies and minors in Chinese Language and Culture, Business, Communication and Liberal Arts. Hear from Melissa about her experience building a portfolio and how sharing it helped her land her job!

How did you hear about Seelio?

As part of my Honors internship at Towson University, I needed to present my portfolio and experiences. My advisor for my internship and the Towson University Honors College thought Seelio was a great way to share my work through a venue that reaches past the Honors College, the Towson University campus, and even the state.  Seelio is helping me keep all my projects in one place.  I enjoy posting the projects I’ve spent entire semesters working on because I can add pictures and videos to supplement papers.

How is Seelio helping you with your job search?

Seelio makes my work interesting to potential employers, fellow students, and colleagues. I can direct potential employers to my page via business cards or resumes, which is especially nice at a Career Fair because while I can’t necessarily whip out a portfolio at the fair, I can leave the employer with a link to check out later.

In fact, I just got a job offer from Massachusetts International Academy as a Student Advisor and I think the Seelio profile helped me quite a bit in getting the job because it gave concrete visuals and writing samples of my experiences. They didn’t just have to take my word for it.

That’s awesome! In addition to helping with your job search, how has Seelio helped you grow personally?

Seelio has given me a place to share my work and really understand the value each project has built for me.  Seelio is great for communicating that worth to potential employers and fellow students, but it is especially essential to building my own personal confidence.  Because Seelio asks me to describe a project and my contributions, it helps me in articulating what makes me a valuable asset to a company, agency, or other workplace.  Seelio offers a place for reflection, which is key in being able to communicate experiences to others.

What is your favorite work in your portfolio? Why?

It’s difficult to pick just one because I am proud of each project in a different way.  For example, my term paper, “The Rise of China: Threat or Opportunity”, is important to me because I felt that I really knew the theories I was working with and the topic was in a field I hope to work in.

I’m also especially partial to the Towson University Study Abroad Office’s newsletter “International Eyes” because not only was I able to utilize my skills I learned in my Yearbook and Newspaper courses I took in high school, but I also got to use graphic design, speak with students about their study abroad experiences, and now there is a hard copy of the work I’ve done circulating across campus and online.  Seelio was an especially good place to share this project because it asks for my contributions in addition to a description.  I worked on a team for this project, so I can say that I wrote two of the articles, interviewed students, helped pick topics, and helped design the newsletter. Because Seelio prompts me to share this kind of information, I am able to communicate my strong teamwork skills in addition to writing and graphic design.

What do you like best about Seelio?

I love the visual quality that Seelio offers.  On other sites, such as LinkedIn, I don’t share projects like papers because no one is going to click on a project that just looks like an overwhelming amount of text.  With popular social media like Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and more, it’s clear that our generation is moving toward more visual-based communication.  Seelio clearly is following that trend.  With options such as cover photos and video and image attachments, we are able to share even lengthy term papers with interesting photos that capture attention and create an interesting, visual portfolio.

If you could tell every student at Towson about Seelio, what would you tell them?

Towson students need to know that they should be creating portfolios regardless of whether they are art or photography students.  Business, philosophy, science, and other majors should be highlighting their work too and Seelio is the perfect opportunity to do that in an interesting, visual, and portable way.  Seelio is the resume that is unique, packed with information, and that will set you apart from other applicants.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, Melissa. We love your work and can’t wait to see what you add to your portfolio next!

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