Join us at the AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference!

We’re getting excited for the AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference on Engaged Learning and ePortfolios: Advancing Learning-Centered Cultures in a Multi-Modal Age.

On 7/29 we’ll be co-presenting two workshops with our partners at the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work and the University of Toledo about how we’re working together on learner-centered approaches to portfolios. You can find more information about the workshops below. We hope to see you there!

JULY 29, 2014

8:30AM-9:20AM: FS: TA5 Building Adaptive Expertise: Exploring ways to integrate learning and enhance social work professional development with Dr. Mary Ruffolo and Megan Sims-Fujita from the University of Michigan School of Social Work

This session will engage participants in examining how one social work school developed a web-based capstone course that promoted integrative learning strategies and peer-to-peer collaborations in the development of professional portfolios.  During the session, participants will have an opportunity to join the Seelio online portfolio platform and engage in small group exercises that illustrate how students uncover tacit knowledge and build adaptive expertise.

3:00PM-3:50PM: PD: TP23A A New Approach to Experiential Learning: How The University of Toledo Combines ePortfolios with Other Technology Tools for Students’ Professional Development with Lawrence Burns, Vice President of External Affairs at the University of Toledo

In this session, the University of Toledo will share how it is embracing technology to create a classroom environment of the future that supports engaged learning  and career preparedness. Detailing the use of a new showcase ePortfolio technology &  the “flipped classroom” concept, presenters will explain the process of how the University is engaging students in experiential learning in a way that enhances the value of a degree & prepares students for their future.

 If you’d like to meet with us while we’re there, contact us at!