Take Your LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level With Seelio

We love LinkedIn but sometimes your LinkedIn profile can feel a bit like a resume on top of a resume. In less than a minute you can show all of your valuable connections real examples of what you can do by adding a work from your Seelio to your LinkedIn profile!

How to jazz up your LinkedIn profile with works from your Seelio

First, go to LinkedIn and choose “Edit Profile”. Then, pick a section of your profile you want to enhance. Click the icon that allows you to add a video, image, document or presentation and select “Add Link”. All of that time you spent crafting your perfect work on Seelio is about to pay off two-fold!

LinkedIn Step One

Step One: Choose to add a link on LinkedIn

In the URL field, enter a link to the related work from your Seelio and click “Continue”. On a side note, did you know that each of your works has its very own URL for easy sharing? Just open up your portfolio and click on a work to open it in a new tab. You can copy and paste from the URL bar or by clicking on the handy “Share” button!

Grabbing a Work URL on Seelio

Step Two: Grab a URL from your Work on Seelio

Adding Seelio URL to LinkedIn

Step Three: Add your Work’s URL on LinkedIn

After you add your link, the title of your work, any related visuals, and your description are all auto-populated. Feel free to tweak them so everything looks just right!

Editing your new addition to LinkedIn

Step Four: Make edits and add the Work to your LinkedIn Profile

Click “Add to profile” and voil√†! You’ve used your Seelio to go beyond bullet points!

LinkedIn plus Seelio

Now, when someone views your LinkedIn profile and wants to learn more about your work, they can jump right into one of your works on Seelio to see all of the great things you know how to do.

LinkedIn plus Seelio

Have you discovered other tips that help you tell your story? Let us know!