Educator Spotlight: Pauline Bary Khan from Michigan Engineering

We asked Pauline Bary Khan, Princeton Review Top 300 Professor and the Director of Michigan Engineering’s Program in Technical Communication, to share about her experience with Seelio in her classes.

Earlier this year she used Seelio with students in her senior-level Technical Communication course and her first-year Engineering 100 course. Below she shares how students responded and why she believes it’s important for students to begin capturing their educational experience in a portfolio from day one.

Pauline Bary Khan shares about Seelio 1) How did you introduce Seelio to your students?

Our students were asked to complete a reflection assignment in class. My first-year students used Seelio to record their progress as they completed their design iterations.

In my senior design writing class, students were given the option of developing a cover letter, a LinkedIn profile or a Seelio portfolio. Several senior-level students chose to document various projects using the Seelio platform in order to show their work to potential employers.

Engineering 100 on Seelio2) How did your students respond?

My first-year students were able to sign up and develop a profile in a matter of minutes. They were excited to be able to show their design work to potential employers.

Several of my senior-level students were very eager about the potential to express their work beyond a resume format.

3) Why do you think it’s important for freshman students to begin building a professional portfolio?

I think that it is important for first-year students to use a portfolio to show growth in their expertise, in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities, as they journey through their undergraduate eduction.

Pauline Bary Khan on Seelio

4) What do you like most about Seelio?

The Seelio platform allows my students to graphically articulate their work, which is particularly powerful when students are designing or developing materials in engineering.

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