Seelio Now Available to Students at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

A Picture of the Tribeca Flashpoint Academy Gallery on Seelio

Chicago, IL – (November 05, 2014)- Tribeca Flashpoint Academy (TFA) has a new way to help students collaborate across disciplines, showcase their work, and make connections with employers. Starting this fall, students will have access to Seelio, a student lifecycle portfolio solution that enables them to document and capture their learning and enter their interviews with confidence—along with real examples of what they can do.

With strong roots in hands-on learning, Seelio is a natural fit for students at TFA who are required to create an online portfolio of work throughout their educational experience. With Seelio’s showcase features, TFA can bring visibility to students’ work, enable them to connect directly with employers, and participate in commissioned projects before they graduate. Additionally, as students capture and document their learning experiences in one place, TFA will be able to evaluate and assess learning outcomes and demonstrate the power of its progressive training model.

“Tribeca Flashpoint Academy is dedicated to helping our students get a leading edge in the job market after graduation, and that’s precisely what Seelio will help them accomplish,” said TFA Academic Dean Peter Hawley. “We’re greatly looking forward to giving our students and faculty members access to this powerful tool.”

Seelio, founded in 2011, provides services and technology to higher education institutions in order to help students achieve the best possible return on their educational investment. With training, support, and consultation, students and faculty across TFA will be empowered to utilize Seelio’s technology to document and showcase their learning accomplishments.

“We’re excited to be working with TFA faculty and students,” said Moses Lee, CEO & Cofounder of Seelio. “We are passionate about student success and see this partnership as an important way to help TFA students present and showcase their learning inside and outside the classroom.”

TFA’s partnership with Seelio will extend over the next three years; information about Seelio accounts will be shared with TFA students and faculty via email.

For more information, please contact Kristin Hertko, TFA’s Marketing Director, at Kristin.Hertko(at)tfa(dot)edu or 312.506.0714; or Emily Keller-Logan, Seelio’s Director of Marketing and Communications, at Emily(at)seelio(dot)com or 734.369.8388.

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About Seelio

Seelio partners with higher-ed institutions to create the world’s most prepared students through student lifecycle portfolios. With Seelio’s services and technology, students are able to easily and beautifully capture their works, projects and passions; and institutions can better attract students, build awareness and prepare students for meaningful careers. Learn more at