How A Large Lecture Course of Over 200 Students Built a Community of Collaboration and Inspiration on Seelio

Media and the Creative Process 1020 Collage

Student Advice on Getting the Most Out of Your Large Lecture Course

Have you ever taken a class that was unlike any other? One that challenged you to get out of your comfort zone and make things in addition to learning about them?

Have you ever wished you could see what your classmates are up to to find inspiration or people that can work on exciting projects with you?

We encountered a group of students at Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication who are experiencing that and more in MDIA 1020: Media and the Creative Process. In this large lecture course, students complete regular project-based assignments using a variety of media platforms to put their learning into action. See more about the class philosophy and structure in our earlier post.

This is one of Scripps’ bigger courses, with around 200 students. Yet, even with such a large class size (and both online and on-campus students) we heard again and again that students found it easy to collaborate and find inspiration from their classmates.


We want to turn things over to a few students in MDIA 1020 who shared what made this large lecture class so unique and what it was like using Seelio in the class. See who chimed in:

Nathan Airhart on Seelio: Macy Gilbert on SeelioDakota Williams on SeelioTracy Brewer on SeelioLorenz Bornschlegl on SeelioNatalie Spangler on SeelioAlexandra Pritchard on Seelio

One question we think a lot of students on Seelio might have is, “Why should I be excited about using Seelio in my class?” What did you think about using Seelio in MDIA 1020?

  • Macy: Seelio lets me see work from students in other disciplines, which gives me ideas on what I can learn. It’s also helped me find people to collaborate with!
  • Nathan: With a huge lecture class like this, Seelio brings us all together in a way and lets us see the talents and interesting ideas that we all have. It definitely makes you respect your classmates.
  • Alexandra: Seelio is like a feeding ground for our creative minds… you don’t have that anywhere else. It’s really inspiring to look at the gallery and get ideas about what I can do next or who I can work with.
  • Tracy: Seelio gives me an advantage because I can connect it to LinkedIn and show innovative and creative I am.

This is a pretty unique class. Can you share a little bit about what makes it different from other classes you’ve taken?

  • Dakota: This class has been great for exploring other forms of media and getting a better sense of hidden talents and interests I have.
  • Alexandra: I love how we’re doing academic projects that allow us to be creative and explore our passions.
  • Natalie: I love this class so much. Professor Williams lets us do stuff and not just memorize it. We learn so much because we get to do so much.
  • Lorenz: It’s been different to experience what production is like. It’s good to actually see what goes into doing different things and to get a sense of how much time you have to put into them.

Another question we know lots of students have is how to keep updating their Seelio once they leave a class where they first started to use it. How do you plan to keep updating your portfolio after MDIA 1020?

  • Tracy: I want to link to all of the other sites that I use, like Soundcloud and Flickr, and I want to add my resume so that I can send people a link to my Seelio and they can see my work all in one place.
  • Nathan: I am going to incorporate projects from past semesters as well as some personal projects I’ve done in the past, like a miniseries I created and a webseries I did last year. I think it will be useful to have this as a professional space online when I am job searching.
  • Natalie: I want to use my portfolio to show how well rounded I am. I’ve worked really hard in college and I want people to be able to see all that I can do. I am also going to use my portfolio to apply into my final degree program.
  • Alexandra: I will definitely keep updating it! I am so impressed with Seelio and that’s it’s free to us as students. It’s so well designed and easy to maneuver. It embodies what a creative mind would want to display when they’re applying for a position.

We want to give a big thanks to Nathan, Macy, Dakota, Tracy, Alexandra, Lorenz, and Natalie for sharing their experience with us! You can check out their portfolios through the links above or browse the MDIA 1020 Class Gallery through the link in the image below:

MDIA 1020 Student Showcase