New Features on Seelio Including Statistics, Video Uploads, and More!

Seelio Feature Updates Header

So far 2015 has been a busy one at Seelio HQ. Over the last few months we’ve been working hard on some new features that we think you’ll be pretty excited about. We’ve heard that you want more insights and analytics about your works and portfolios. You’ve also asked us for the ability to directly upload video files, not just link to ‘em on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

And we’ve also got some exciting updates for anyone who is ready to move past their identity as a student. When you’re browsing Seelio liking, commenting on, or posting works, your identity doesn’t have to be limited to your alma mater because now you can customize your headline information.

Want more details? Read on to see the specific updates we’ve been making on Seelio, or check out our post about updates we’ve recently made for educators. As always, we love to hear from you so drop us a line anytime to ask questions or share your new feature ideas!


We want to make it easy for you to see what’s happening with your profile on Seelio, that’s why there’s a new page under My Feeds called Statistics. Here you’ll find some overview stats, like how many works you have, how many times your top works have been viewed, and more.

There’s also a handy portfolio completeness tracker so you track your progress and keep tweaking your seelio until it’s just right.

A peek at our new personal statistics page on Seelio

It’s easier to build your seelio once you have a little inspiration. That’s why we’ve added a section with your most viewed works, most liked works, and a place to connect with people who are like you. And, if you’re just starting out, we’ve linked to some great places to find inspiration like our knowledge base and gallery (be sure to take a look because the Seelio Gallery recently got some love, too!).

A peek at our new personal statistics page on Seelio

We also added a step to our onboarding process that allows you to rank your 21st century career skills.  Now on your statistics page, you (and only you!) can see how your skills measure up against everyone else on Seelio.

Career Skills summary view on Personal Statistics Page

When you’re adding a work to your portfolio, you can now upload a video file directly from your computer. We heard that sometimes it’s not always ideal to pre-upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and link to it with our URL grabber so that’s how this awesome new feature was born. Simply click the “upload files” button or drag and drop your video file on to the add-work screen to upload your video!

A screenshot of the ability to directly upload videos during Seelio's add work process

Look at that! A snazzy video file ready to be seen by only the people who you want to share it with!

An example of an uploaded video in a work on Seelio

As Seelio has grown up, so have our members! For some of you– especially our group administrators– your college or university and your major aren’t the best way to identify yourself on Seelio. Now you can edit this information and choose to display another association in your headline– such as another educational institution or a work experience. To do this, simply click in the header area to edit.

First step of customizing headline information on Seelio

In the edit window, scroll down to the “Highlight Options” section and select the headline that you would like to appear in your header as well as next to your name across Seelio. If you don’t see an option you’d like in the dropdown, click the link for “Edit Education” or “Edit Work Experience” to add the affiliation that you would like to showcase.

Second Step to Customize Headline Info on Seelio

And voilà! Now your headline information shows off your new information!

Result of customizing headline info on Seelio

That covers a few of our new features and product updates for 2015. We love building something that makes it easier for you to show off what makes you, you! We hope you enjoy exploring these updates on Seelio and that you’ll let us know what you think.