New Features on Seelio for Educators Including Statistics, Assessment Updates and More!

Seelio Feature Updates Header

In our previous post we shared about some of the exciting developments on Seelio for students. Here we’d like to share about some of our most exciting product enhancements for educators on Seelio.

Below we’ll share more about how to customize your headline information so that when you like, comment on, or post works, your identity doesn’t have to be limited to your alma mater. We’ve also added a new group data insights feature that allows educators to see an overview of learning outcomes and group participation.

And last but not least, we’ve given a little TLC to our assessment and evaluation features so it’s even easier for educators to give feedback on student work and help with the portfolio development process.

Want more details? Read on to see the specific updates we’ve been making on Seelio. As always, we love to hear from you so drop us a line anytime to ask questions or share your new feature ideas!


As Seelio has grown up, so have our members! For some of you– especially our group administrators– your college or university and your major aren’t the best way to identify yourself on Seelio. Now you can edit this information and choose to display another association in your headline– such as another educational institution or a work experience. To do this, simply click in the header area to edit.

First step of customizing headline information on Seelio

In the edit window, scroll down to the “Highlight Options” section and select the headline that you would like to appear in your header as well as next to your name across Seelio. If you don’t see an option you’d like in the dropdown, click the link for “Edit Education” or “Edit Work Experience” to add the affiliation that you would like to showcase.

Second Step to Customize Headline Info on Seelio

And voilà! Now your headline information shows off your new information!

Result of customizing headline info on Seelio

Here’s a shout out to all of our Seelio educators! We know you’re doing great work with your students on Seelio and we wanted to give you a page that can show data insights for your group(s) on Seelio. When you click on your group under My Group Feeds there’s a new tab at the top called Insights. Here you can see how students are using recommended tags/learning outcomes in their work, as well as quick summary statistics for your group like the number of members, works, and more.

A snapshot of group insights on Seelio

You can also monitor the number of works that students are adding over a particular period of time. This view can help you prompt students to engage with their portfolios and it enables you to understand how students use their portfolios after assignments are due.

Additionally, along the right side, you can also see the most popular works from your group(s).

A snapshot of group insights on Seelio

Last but not least, we wanted to make a few updates to our assessment and evaluation tool. You’ll also find this by clicking on your group under My Group Feeds and then clicking the tab for Assessment at the top of the page. With our recent updates, it’s now easier to create and manage assessment rubrics, share grades with students, and potentially even connect your evaluations with your LMS if your institution has enabled integration between your LMS and Seelio.

An example of an assessment on Seelio

You can use the rubrics right alongside a student’s portfolio to help provide feedback about how the works that students create align with course learning objectives and expectations.

An example of assessment updates on Seelio

That covers a few of our new features and product updates for 2015! We love building something that makes it easier for students and educators to connect learning directly to 21st century skills. We hope you enjoy exploring these updates on Seelio and that you’ll let us know what you think!