Student Spotlight: Nathaniel Berrios, Colorado Technical University

Bringing Your Passion and Experience to Online Courses

We’ve met a number of students who come to their classes with an impressive amount of passion and prior experience. Nathaniel Berrios is one of them. He’s taking online courses in software systems engineering through Colorado Technical University. When we saw his work pop up in the Seelio activity feed we had to reach out to learn more about what he’s already accomplished, how he discovered his passion for systems engineering, and how he’s connecting his past experience with his current online courses.

See what he had to say and his advice for other students who want to explore the world of programming.

Nathaniel Berrios on Seelio

How did you discover that you have a passion for systems engineering?

Since I was young I have been repairing client systems, building gaming PCs, installing and configuring network systems and more. One day I decided to do research about software engineering to acquire better knowledge on computers. As a prior computer technician, I didn’t know much about the logical aspect of things. I’ve watched videos and researched different computer languages online, and I have enjoyed every single video related to software engineering, programming, and databases. That’s when I found out I had a passion for systems engineering.

What experience or project on your Seelio profile are you most proud of?

At first I didn’t think I had the potential of putting an idea together using my experiences. However, I was wrong. I’m proud to say that I have successfully created various games for Android devices that I’ve been able to share about.

What do you think about having something like Seelio available to you through your online courses?

Seelio is something new and great, I like using it. Having a Seelio profile helps me document my school experiences and this can be used for future reference. In addition, people from other universities can interact with you by liking, following and adding you as a friend.

What advice would you give other students who are interested in programming and looking for a way to get started? 

I would recommend for students to first think about why they are interested in programming. For example, what do they hope to create? What tools can they come up with for the betterment of a business or a person? Or simply for the entertainment of a selected few? They should think of the endless possibilities this new era of technology can offer. That helps students motivate themselves to be successful. What has helped me the most is keeping programming ideas in mind that intrigue me so I can learn more and see how I can do more. My program has provided me all the tools and knowledge necessary to keep me motivated and wanting to succeed.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Nathaniel!

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