3 Reasons to Start Your Portfolio Freshman Year

As the semester comes to a close, it’s a great time to step back and think about projects or experiences you’ve had that could be great additions to your portfolio. While you might think portfolio building is only important for juniors and seniors, it’s actually a great thing to start right at the beginning of your college of experience so you can build up a showcase of your skills and experiences throughout college. Check out this advice from USA Today about 3 Steps to Build a Winning College Portfolio:

“Begin working on your portfolio during your freshman year of college, and continue adding to it each year. Besides making it easier to keep track of and organize your work in a chronological manner, organizing your portfolio by year shows a progression over time. Potential employers and graduate school admissions officers tend to seek out candidates who show incremental improvement in their skills and abilities, so having a portfolio that is organized in such a manner is likely to give you a leg up on your competition.”

Three more reasons to start your portfolio freshman year or sophomore year:

  1. By senior year, you’ll start to forget the great things you accomplished freshman year or sophomore year.
  2. You can use your portfolio to land a great Co-Op or internship during your sophomore or junior year (See why you should definitely do an internship during college).
  3. Building a portfolio helps you reflect on your experiences and can help you see where your passions and skills overlap so you can pick a great major.

Not sure where to get started? Here are some ideas. Start your profile by creating works about:

  • Awards you’ve received, like MVP or the Dean’s List
  • Things you do outside of class, like athletics, volunteering, or hobbies
  • Your top 2-3 class projects from the most recent semester

Check out these great portfolios by other students on Seelio for more ideas:

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Get started with your portfolio today!