College Career Advice Roundup: Interview Edition

by David Nesbitt

Seelio Career Advice Round Up Interview Edition

You’ve heard lots of advice before about how to do well in a job interview, some of it very helpful, and some of it downright awful! You’re probably left with as many questions as answers. What should you bring with you to the interview? How should you follow up with your interviewer? What kinds of questions should you be ready to answer?

Not to worry! Seelio to the rescue. We’ve scoured the web to pull together Seelio-approved resources that answer these questions, and many more. Welcome to the College Career Advice Roundup: Interview Edition!

Holly’s Top Five Interview Tips – Seelio Blog
You landed an interview with a company that you’re excited about. How do you make sure you make a great impression? Our very own Holly Stuard gives you an inside look at how she rocked her interview at Seelio, including tips about what to bring to your interview, how to share examples of your work using your Seelio profile, and what kind of questions to ask your interviewers.

I Spy: How to Scope Out a Company Before the Interview – The Muse
Doing research on a company before you interview with them is so important… but it’s hard to know where to start! This helpful article explains how to find out everything you need to know about a company to prepare for your interview. Follow these tips and you’ll be armed with knowledge and questions that will make you stand out from other candidates!

4 Non-Annoying Ways to Follow Up After an Interview – The Muse
It can be confusing to figure out the proper etiquette for following up after your interview. You want to make sure the employer knows how badly you want the job and don’t want to be forgotten, but you want to avoid bugging them and getting on their bad side. These 4 steps will help you stay top-of-mind without being too pushy. Bonus tip: a great way to reinforce what you said in your interview is to include a link to your Seelio in your follow-up email to the employer!

50 Most Common Interview Questions – Glassdoor Blog
Before heading into your interview, you should spend a good amount of time reviewing common interview questions and practicing your answers for them. There’s nothing worse than being put on the spot in an interview with a question that you don’t know how to answer. Trust me, I’ve been there… and it’s not a good feeling! Read through and think about these questions so that you can be thoughtful and polished in front of your interviewer.

One More Thing…
While I’m on the topic of interview questions, let’s talk about another crucial part of interview prep: practice! Sit down with a friend or relative and have them ask you some of these common interview questions so that you can practice answering. Make sure to speak formally, just as you would in a real interview. Review your Seelio profile to refresh your memory about your experiences, so that you’re ready to share real-life examples to illustrate your responses.

You’ll be surprised at how much you might trip over your words the first or second time, even for questions that seem simple. Make sure to have your practice interviewer give you feedback about how you can improve. But practice makes perfect: as you get used to answering the questions, your delivery will become increasingly smooth and natural. When you finally get in front of an employer, you’ll find that you’re able to relax and communicate yourself more clearly and concisely because you’ve practiced answering interview-style questions beforehand.

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