About Us

What is Seelio

Seelio is an educational service and technology company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan that partners with universities to deliver a greater value to students through the use of rich, multimedia online portfolios. With Seelio’s services and technology, students are able to easily and beautifully capture their works, projects, and passions and universities can better attract students, build awareness, and prepare students for meaningful careers.

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Our mission

We are committed to improving the return on investment of a student’s college education.

OUR vision

Creating the world’s most prepared students and connecting them to amazing, important work.

Our values

Students are the center of what we do. We commit to operating honestly and selflessly while we seek to make an impact on higher education. We believe that innovation, curiosity, and passion are essential to this task, along with courage and sound judgment. We’re open to learning how to do things better.

Our team

Seelio is a bunch of creative individuals who believe your major does not define you and that company culture makes a workday. The Seelio team has come from as far away as Taiwan and as close by as East Lansing to call Ann Arbor home.

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