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Chelsea Hunersen

See His Seelio: HackNorthwestern Co-President, Northwestern Senior Wesley Sun

In the course of our travels at Seelio, we meet awesome people. One of them is Wesley Sun, a senior at Northwestern University. We met Wesley on our Illinois tour, and had a great time talking to him and the rest of HackNorthwestern. We thought you’d like to meet him too. So without further ado, say hello to Wesley!

1) If you could describe your college career in one word/phrase, what would it be and why?

Wesley SunThis is really hard but I think the right word would be discovery. I’m always discovering and learning new things in college, mainly new career paths or new interests. During my time in college I’ve gone through so many phases in terms of academic interest and it always changes when I discover new things. I was into mechanical engineering, then film, artificial intelligence, video game development, and now web development.

2) Your one-line bio says, “Addicted To Learning New Stuff”, What is the coolest thing you’ve learned lately?

Well I’ve recently been teaching myself Ruby on Rails in my spare time.

Slight tangent, you might not get if you’re not a programmer. Today I learned about the COMEFROM statement which is more or less the opposite of a GOTO statement. It’s a really bad idea and was actually implemented as a joke but it just made my day.

3) What about coding in Matlab has made you realize you really wanted to code?

I’m not sure if Matlab made me realize it or if I just happened to be using Matlab when I first coded. I just thought coding was neat, at that time I was writing programs to do neat stuff and constantly trying to make them run faster and faster.

4) You mention on your Seelio that you were in the top 11% at the Google AI Challenge. Can you tell us more about that experience and why it was so transformative for you?


How Melissah Lang Got Her Foot in the Door: An Intern’s Story

In the course of Seelio’s history we have been able to work with a lot of awesome people, many of them interns. Since we’re all about sharing stories at Seelio, we asked one of our former interns, Melissah Lang, to share her’s.

So we present to you, Melissah’s thoughts on networking, job searching, working at Seelio and more! Enjoy!

Seelionians, allow me to introduce myself.

See Her Seelio: Music Business Student, Social Media Maven: Natalie Cheng

Music Business student Natalie Cheng was one of the first Seelio users, and one of the most interesting. With experience in music, social media and more, Natalie is a great example of putting talent to practice.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you decide to get an MBA in Music Business, how is it different than a typical MBA program? 

Natalie Cheng

I’m Natalie Cheng and I am currently a graduate student at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. I am originally from Texas and I enjoy swimming (I was on the swim team from elementary to high school) and music. I love learning about social media and read various blogs about marketing and tech. In terms of careers, I am interested in roles that involve marketing, social media, technology, or the music industry.

I decided to get an MBA in Music Business because I wanted to learn more about the industry and connect with music business professionals in Nashville a.k.a. Music City. I am in an MBA program that is accelerated (1 year) where all students take the same core courses. Students have an option to take different electives in order to concentrate on a certain area of business such as accounting, finance, healthcare, and music business. I have taken music business electives and will take some marketing electives. I like that the MBA program at Belmont allows us to customize our degree with different electives.

One of your Seelio works is the “Grammy U Liaison — The Recording Academy”, can you tell us a little about what you did there? What was your favorite part of the experience?

Grammy U Liaison
The Recording Academy has an organization called Grammy U where college students that are interested in working in the music industry could learn more about the business and network with professionals. There are various chapters of Grammy U around the U.S. and various college representatives. I was a college representative for The Recording Academy while attending Texas A&M University. As a Grammy U Liaison, I helped recruit new members at my school to The Recording Academy by talking about the Grammy U organization and posting flyers. I also volunteered at various events held by The Recording Academy.

My favorite part of the experience was getting to volunteer on the Grammy U Tweet Team during SXSW in Austin, TX. As part of the Grammy U Tweet Team, I along with a few other Grammy U reps went to various locations in downtown Austin to hand out free things and recruit new members to the organization during the annual SXSW conference. We had a person in Los Angeles sending out tweets on Twitter telling followers to find us in Austin for free stuff and to win prizes. I enjoyed participating in the Grammy U Tweet Team because I got to collaborate with other students from different schools and meet music business professionals.

Why did you decide to create a Seelio and how do you use it?