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Underground Printing Interview!

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Apparel company and friend of Seelio, Underground Printing, recently blogged an interview with Seelio CEO, Moses. We have put the interview below, but you can also out on their blog here!

Tech Customer Spotlight: Seelio

UGP talked to Moses, the co-founder of Seelio, to learn all about this new professional platform that is changing the way students apply for jobs and present themselves to employers. Seelio allows students to showcase their experiences using more than just the written word. This cool new company has been written up in TechCrunch, PSFK, Lifehacker, and VentureBeat. If you’re a high school or college student looking to enhance your professional online presence or an employer who’s tired of reading the traditional resume, we urge you to check out Seelio.

UGP: How did you come up with the idea for Seelio?

Moses: Seelio started with a visit to Scarlett Middle School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for Portfolio Day – an event where students showcase themselves to professionals in the Ann Arbor community using a paper binder of class work, essays, and awards.

Afterward, we lamented to the program administrators: “Too bad that the paper portfolios will probably wind up on a shelf in their homes, never to be seen again.” Even more unfortunate, those who hold the keys to educational and career opportunities would probably never review these rich portfolios to make better admissions or hiring decisions.

Inspired by this event, David, Jerry, and I founded Seelio at the end of 2011. We initially opened the platform only to students at the University of Michigan.

On August 6th, 2012, we launched Seelio to the world with a vision that college students everywhere will use it to show who they truly are and what they can accomplish.

UGP: What exactly is Seelio?

Moses: Seelio is an online portfolio network that empowers college students to showcase their works, skills, and passions and connect with career opportunities. On Seelio, students can showcase anything — from compelling school projects to adventurous extracurricular activities.  They can also apply to jobs or be discovered by recruiters. And best of all, students can also browse and discover cool works and projects from other students.

UGP: How do employers connect with students on the Seelio?

Moses: First, students can apply to jobs posted on Seelio by employers (we have had several students successfully land opportunities this way). Employers can also message students directly if they think the student might be a right fit for an opportunity. Typically this would happen if an employer has searched for a certain skill or interest and a student’s works or experiences came up as a result.

UGP: How is Seelio different from a standard resume or LinkedIn portfolio?

Moses: Resumes and LinkedIn work well for people who have lots of work experiences. But the problem is that some students just don’t have a lot. Students have told us that it is extremely difficult for them to professionally present and express themselves using just text on a single piece of paper or on LinkedIn, which is basically a digital resume.

Seelio is a simple, dynamic way to visually show student projects, skills, and passions. With Seelio, you can upload anything digital – from screenshots of your projects, to a youtube video of you’re a cappella performance, to the CAD design of your engineering project, or pictures of you running a marathon. Seelio gives a voice to students who can’t show what they do on paper or who have more skills than their major or work experience would suggest. Several members of the Seelio team are also working in fields in which they did not major; without tools like Seelio, it would not have been possible for these people to show their skills and they could easily have been overlooked.

Online Portfolio Erica Garcia

UGP: Would you consider Seelio to be a professional social network?

Moses: As of right now, we are focused on making Seelio the best place for students to professionally present themselves.  We are currently building out the functionality to make it more of a professional network and you will see more social functionality in the near future.

UGP: What is your vision for the future of Seelio?

Moses: Ideally Seelio will become the largest online portfolio network for students – including high school students. It will be a new way for students to discover themselves, each other, and career/educational opportunities. It will also inspire students, especially those in interdisciplinary programs or those with conflicting majors and interests, to pursue opportunities they might never have considered before. We like to think that we will one day allow every student to find the perfect opportunity for them.

Oh yeah, and we would also love to see University of Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson on Seelio, so we’re working on that…

Testimony: Chihiro Jimbo

How Chihiro Landed A Job on Seelio!

According to her Seelio one-line bio, Chihiro Jimbo is an “Aspiring UX Designer/Researcher”- but she will not be ‘aspiring’ much longer! Chihiro, a senior at the University of Michigan just landed a UX position at North American Bancard, using her Seelio! She was kind enough to share with us her story:

I got acquainted with Seelio when it was still truApp – even then, I saw the value in the platform, allowing me to market myself with concrete work examples (since I’m not too good at marketing myself in person via talking).  I worked with Seelio over the summer, improving my design and UX skills.  Afterwards when I applied for a UX position through the platform, the recruiter saw my experience and just like that, I was hired!

The application speed is far superior to other job application boards, too.  I got a call back from NAB within 24 hours of applying.  Another good thing is that the recruiter can see my portfolio right where they are working so even in a phone interview, I can talk about a specific project, knowing that the recruiter understands exactly what I’m talking about.  

I’d recommend Seelio to any student out there, whether looking for an internship or full-time position =)

-Chihiro Jimbo, University of Michigan, Informatics (’13)

Chihiro Jimbo Online Portfolio

If you have landed an opportunity with Seelio, we’d love to hear about it. Send Chelsea an e-mail at chelsea@seelio.com to tell us your story.

UPDATES to your Seelio!

New Seelio Profile


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We will be working on more new releases these next few weeks, and we want your input.

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