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Georgia Tech Capstone Design Expo Seelio Award Winner: Team LumbarJax!

Every semester, undergraduate students at Georgia Institute of Technology work on fascinating projects in their Capstone Design class to design, build, and test prototypes that can be applied to real-world situations. Student teams work hard to apply engineering concepts to the prototypes they’ve learned in class and develop leadership skills while working in a team environment. At the end of the semester, the teams show off and pitch their inventions to experts and judges at the Capstone Design Expo and win awards and prizes.

We were thrilled to be a part of this spring’s Capstone Design Expo. We partnered with Georgia Tech to give students a way to share their projects and continue to gain exposure at the Capstone Design Expo and beyond.

We presented a $500 Seelio Award to the team that created the best expo work. It was a difficult decision; students worked hard to build and design innovative projects and did a great job capturing them in their Seelio portfolios. However, we made our decision based on the following criteria: how comprehensive, reflective, collaborative and visually engaging the Seelio work was.

And, drum roll please… the winner of the Seelio award is Team LumbarJax! The team designed and created the OmniLIF implant, an “Expandalone” Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Device. According to their work, “The OmniLIF is designed to provide lordotic adjustment customized to the needs of every patient and promote bone fusion. The implant eliminates the need for highly invasive osteotomies that introduce large degrees of lordosis and bridges the gap between current innovation in the market. Some ALIF devices are stand-alone and some are expandable, but the OmniLIF is both.”

Our Director of Educational Services, Holly Stuard, presents the award to Team LumbarJax:

LumbarJax Team members (from left to right):
John Mahoney, Ryan Smith, Alec DeFilippo, and Kyle Huckeba.

Team LumbarJax on Seelio

Anterior view of the fully expanded titanium OmniLIF

Congratulations, gentlemen!

We look forward to continuing to work with Georgia Tech and its students and give a big round of applause to Team LumbarJax and all the other amazing students we met at the Expo! To check out other projects and learn more about the Design Expo, see the Georgia Tech Spring 2014 Capstone Design Expo Showcase.

Career Series: Top 5 Tips to Master the Networking Game from a Ross BBA Grad

Hi, everyone. Rachael here! As a recent graduate from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to land an internship or job. I’ve attended countless corporate presentations, networking sessions, and wrestled through many interviews. Through the ups and the downs of recruiting, I survived and I am here to share my story with Rachael Brunk Ross BBA Graduateyou!

While at Ross, I learned tips on how to master the networking game. Even though I was a business student, I believe the rules are the same for any major. It starts with leveraging your own network, building relationships, and maintaining these relationships with effective follow-up conversations. Whether you are applying for an internship, job, or submitting applications to graduate schools, I am happy to share my advice so you can become a networking master!

Career Series Kickoff: How Juniors and Seniors Are Using Seelio

UPDATE: See the next posts in our series: Top 5 Interview TipsTop 5 Networking Tips; Top 5 Tips to Manage Your Personal Brand.


Join us for a 5-post career series to help you with your professional development and career search! We pulled the most popular topics from the Seelio community, so stay tuned for tips on interviewing, networking, and managing your brand.

We know your Seelio portfolio can help you succeed! Don’t believe us? Listen to what six awesome juniors and seniors have to say about their experience using Seelio. Later in the series, we’ll talk about the significance of these topics and how each one applies to Seelio. This career series can help you with whatever stage you are in! Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, we have advice for you! Check it out!

Priscilla Lee | University of Texas-Austin, Communication Studies, 2015

Priscilla Lee

“I am so much more confident in the prospect of future employers looking at my Seelio profile to find out more about who I am than by simply scanning my resume. Seelio also allows me to have a competitive community with others who have similar interests and dreams.”


Thuan Doan | MIT, Mechanical Engineering, 2015

Thuan Doan

“Seelio really helps me show employers, friends, and peers all the projects that I’ve worked on. I use it as a supplement to my resume when internship hunting as well as to show my friends and family what I’ve been up to.”



Alison Theirbach | University of Michigan, MA in Social Work, 2014

Seelio is a great way to display your professional and academic experiences and achievements to potential employers. It takes the plain, black and white resume, to a more interactive and visually enticing way to display your credentials and skill sets. It will be an asset when applying for jobs and networking between your peers and other alumni.”


Caitlyn Witt | University of Toledo, Fine Arts in New Media Design Studies, 2014

Caitlyn Witt

“A portfolio for me was a concise body of work that you use to show to get a job, or to apply for graduate school. What changed my idea of portfolios with Seelio is that it can be interactive instead of you just handing over physical pieces of your work. I could really say what I wanted people to get from my work and make a whole experience for them.”


Alex Ryan | Clemson University, Electrical Engineering, 2015


“Seelio has been an incredible platform for me to communicate my accomplishments with a level of depth that I couldn’t get from a regular old resume.  In an increasingly competitive job market, this extra dimension can mean all the difference and boosts my confidence that an employer has made the right choice when hiring me.”


Melissa Stoker | Towson University, International Relations, 2014

Melissa Stoker

“Seelio has given me a place to share my work and really understand the value each project has built for me. Seelio is great for communicating that worth to potential employers and fellow students, but it is especially essential to building my own personal confidence.”


Make sure you join us for the career series. We look forward to helping you with your professional development as you prepare for your internship, job, or grad school search!