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Georgetown University School of Medicine Adopts Seelio for its Students

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ANN ARBOR, MICH. (November 18, 2015) – Georgetown University School of Medicine has selected Seelio by Keypath Education as an integrative learning and career preparation tool for its students.

With a long history of preparing students to seek knowledge in service of the community, Georgetown University places 90 percent of its medical students into one of their top three residency choices each year. Students will now have access to Seelio throughout their learning experience to track and document learning outcomes.

“We want to determine if this tool will assist students in forming their professional identity, integrating learning that occurs in and outside of the classroom, and connecting in a new way with advisors throughout their journey as medical professionals,” said Dr. Maria Marquez, assistant dean for reflection and assessment, Georgetown University School of Medicine.

All first-year students will be introduced to Seelio in 2016, with the opportunity to bring Seelio to more students based on the initial launch period’s success.

Recognizing reflective practice as imperative for integrative learning, Georgetown University School of Medicine faculty and administrators are working with Seelio’s service team to identify touch points throughout the student experience where students will be prompted to document and connect key learning experiences. Students will record these learning experiences in professional profiles as members of groups, or learning families, where they will receive continual feedback from peers and faculty. With evidence of student learning on Seelio, faculty can now better track learning outcomes and advise students on a more meaningful, holistic level.

As students and faculty capture key learning experiences on Seelio, Georgetown University School of Medicine will have galleries of student work for each learning family to demonstrate student learning outcomes.

“We’re excited to work with Georgetown University School of Medicine as it empowers students to reflect on key learning experiences throughout their journey to become leading medical professionals,” said Moses Lee, co-founder of Seelio and group president at Keypath Education.

For more information about Seelio by Keypath Education, please contact Emily Keller-Logan, director of marketing and communications, at emily(dot)keller-logan(at)keypathedu(dot)com.

Back to School As Seelio by Keypath

We’re going back to school with some fun news– we’re now Seelio by Keypath!

Our parent company announced today the evolution of its name from PlattForm to Keypath Education. See what this new name means for us and our work to create the world’s most prepared students:


We’re excited to impact the future of higher education as a part of Keypath Education.

Seelio Team

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Higher Ed in 2015: A Year for Career Preparedness

by Moses 0 Comments

Will 2015 be the year of career prep? Recruiters want it. Students want it. But time and again we see that it’s not happening.

At Seelio our mission is to create and connect the world’s most prepared students to amazing and important work. We see college as an important time for students to develop skills and interests that set them on a path for lifelong learning. Our goal is to help students connect the dots between what they learn in and outside of the classroom with their career goals.

A summary statement of Seelio's mission

As we focus in on a new year of opportunity for supporting students and their institutions with better career preparedness, we wanted to take time to see where students stand so we can be a better advocate and partner for them throughout their educational journey.

We surveyed a sample of students on Seelio about their skills and workplace preferences and as we looked for correlations in their responses, we found that respondents fell into one of five categories:

  • Structure Seekers
  • Early Stagers
  • Traditionalists
  • Opportunity Seekers
  • Worker Bees

Categories of student respondents from Seelio Career Survey

While this is only one cross-section of our student members, it helps us focus in on their career goals and how we can help them solidify, document, and articulate their skills so that by the time they graduate they can find the workplace best suited to their unique skills and abilities.

We also captured additional insights from our survey in one-page career conversation guides for students, career services teams, and employers.

We’re excited about a number of new research initiatives we’re launching to further explore how we can help students connect learning to greater career preparedness and how by doing so, we can increase persistence and retention so more students graduate and find real value from their education.

Are you passionate about student success? We know that it takes a village and we’re always looking for partners in this effort. Let’s work together to create the world’s most prepared students!