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14 Things We’re Thankful For at Seelio

Seelio Thanksgiving Placeholder Image

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Seelio!

2014 has been full of many good things, from new partners to new students to new team members. We sat down and listed out 14 of the many things we’re thankful for. We hope you enjoy!

14 Things We’re Thankful For:

1) I am thankful for all the inspiration I’ve gotten from looking through the Seelio gallery.  Our students do really amazing things; it makes me want to do amazing things too!

2) I’m thankful for the great space we’ve been able to work out of, thanks to SPARK and to the great state of Michigan!

A picture of Ann Arbor SPARK Office Space

Welcoming Tiffany Marra as Seelio’s Vice President of Academics

We’re excited to welcome Dr. Tiffany Marra to the Seelio team. Tiffany is joining us as Vice President of Academics and will be leading our Educational Services team, advising on portfolio curricula and outcomes in higher education for our university partners.

Before joining us, she was an Adjunct Faculty member at University of Michigan-Dearborn teaching in the College of Education, Health, and Human Services; directing the Women in Learning and Leadership program (WILL); and overseeing the Hub for Teaching and Learning Resources as its managing director. In her role in the Hub, she served as a consultant to faculty, helping them consider pedagogical and technological solutions to meet their teaching and learning goals.

Tiffany’s particular area of focus is helping programs, departments, and units develop online portfolio models that encourage learners to reflect on their learning and growth over time and across contexts.  She has undertaken research to examine how curriculum shapes learner’s perceptions of self and expectations of success, specifically in their ability to transfer knowledge and skills across contexts. Prior to working at UM-Dearborn, she worked at the Ann Arbor campus for 10 years in various roles, including guiding the MPortfolio initiative and managing SmartGirl.org for the Institute for Research on Women and Gender. She earned her Ph.D. in Educational Technology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

We’re thrilled to have Tiffany join our all-star team and look forward to the great work we’ll be able to accomplish for students and their universities!

Want to join us in making a difference for students? We’re hiring! Check out our open positions here: seelio.com/about-us.

Seelio Joins the PlattForm Family

I was at a graduation event last month talking to Sarah, a student from my entrepreneurship capstone class, and she passionately told me how proud she was of her semester long team project.

“I tell everyone about my project! Working on it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in school and I gained so many skills from it.” As an educator, I was thrilled to hear those words because it’s the outcome I want every student to have.

Students on Seelio at Scripps College of Communication

We started Seelio to give students like Sarah a space to capture and share their experiences with the world and to move the conversation beyond GPAs, bullet points, and school diplomas to who they are as a person and what they know and can do.  Today we are impacting thousands of students’ lives by giving them a stage to communicate and showcase their learning, skills, and experiences. But we’re not satisfied. We want to reach even more students because we believe the work we are doing can really change lives.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we are officially joining forces with PlattForm, a leader in delivering student lifecycle solutions to higher education institutions. 

Three years ago, Seelio began with a simple prototype at a kitchen table in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We worked with hundreds of students, educators, and employers to build and refine it into something students could use to proudly capture and showcase their college experience and get an edge when applying for internships and jobs.

Seelio In Action

Along the way, we realized that we could do more than simply provide a technology tool, but that we could really help students with the process of discovering who they are and who they want to become. That’s when we started partnering with universities to bring Seelio straight into the classroom to help students start preparing for their careers from day one.  Universities from across the country saw the value and decided to bring Seelio directly to their students, from the University of Toledo, to Georgia Tech, to West Virginia University, to Colorado Technical University.

And our team continued to grow in size. Talented people from across the country joined the adventure as advisors, investors, ambassadors, employees, interns, and volunteers. Without their support we would never have been able to reach this point.

Seelio Team with our partners from the University of Toledo

Today you’ll find every one of us on the Seelio team working to find a way to ensure that every student can achieve the maximum return on their educational investment. As you can imagine, building this technology and service model requires a lot of resources and expertise (by denise). That’s why we’re so excited to be able to partner with PlattForm, a company that’s been focused on changing lives through education since 1989.

You may be wondering what will change with all of this— and how it might affect you. That’s the even better news! The only changes you’ll see are more innovations in our technology and service model, more friendly faces to help with your questions, and a continued focus on stability and growth for our platform. You’ll still see the same folks here on the Seelio team, enjoying Waffle Wednesday, and thinking about ways to make your Seelio experience the best it can be.

Seelio Waffle Wednesday

Seelio will still be Seelio, as it’s own unique brand. We’ll keep innovating on our technology and service model. But along the way we get a leader and partner to help us grow and bring Seelio into the hands of more students and universities around the world so everyone has a chance to get the most out of their education.

I want to acknowledge the amazingly talented Ann Arbor community, the best place in the world to start a company that can change the world. Thank you to the University of Michigan, our first official Seelio partner, and Menlo Innovations, for letting us crash on your couch as a company during our formative stages.

Moses and Rich on Seelio's last day at Menlo Innovations

I also want to take a moment to thank the Seelio team for all of their effort to make Seelio what it is today. And thank you to PlattForm and all of our investors for believing in our vision and helping us grow.

And of course, I want to thank each and every member of our Seelio community. We couldn’t do what we do without you and it’s a joy to build something that we truly believe will make a difference in your lives.

To changing lives through education,