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Seelio Photo Frenzy: Purdue/UIUC

Last week, members of the Seelio team set off on a two-day expedition across the world- ok, it was across Indiana and Illinois, but it was still a blast! We got to spend time with inspiring students from both Purdue University and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, talking to them about Seelio and about hacker culture at the University of Michigan. This time we brought friends and a professional camera, so take a look at some of our adventures!

Seelio Team

The Seelio team pre-road trip. Not a bad looking group if we do say so ourselves… From left to right: Ginny (Campus Outreach Manager), Sharon (Designer), Ian (Developer), David (Co-Founder, CTO), Raj (Seelio Advocate), Moses (Co-Founder, CEO), David (Seelio Advocate), Chelsea (Community Manager), Jerry (Co-Founder, CDO), Jing (Developer).

Seelio Superstars

Check out Seelio superstars, friends, and hackers: David Fontenot and Raj Vir who decided to come help us spread the word about Seelio and Michigan Hackers. Can you guess which school they are at here?

HINT: Boilerup!

Raj and Seelio Flyer

You may recognize Raj from some of our Seelio flyers around campus. We were stoked to find that his flyers were still prominently displayed all over the computer science department at Purdue University.

Raj and Seelio Flyer

We also had to have a picture of Raj putting up his flyer!

Seelio with Purdue ACM

We loved talking to members of ACM at Purdue University and hearing all about life in West Lafayette, Indiana. We were truly inspired by some of the extremely talented people there!

David talks Michigan Hackers and Seelio

David talks to Purdue Students about the Hacking culture at the University of Michigan, specifically MPowered Entrepreneurship and Michigan Hackers.

Seelio and ACM

The night ended with free t-shirts and a group picture. Looks like Chelsea is one lucky girl!

After a harrowing drive and some great conversations, the group reached part two of their trip, the University of Illinois! There was certainly a lot to learn there.

Chelsea & Jerry setting up

Chelsea and Jerry setting up for the startup career fair at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. The fair was put on by UIUC’s ACM Chapter to help introduce people in computer-oriented fields to startups like Seelio that may need their help!

University of Illinois Seelio Stickers

The setup included some sweet University of Illinois-themed Seelio stickers. Did you know that the University of Michigan is University of Illinois’ biggest rival? We were shocked too! Hopefully that doesn’t hurt the Ann Arbor based company!

Chelsea at startup pannel for seelio

Seelio Community Manager Chelsea explores the Startup Pannel at the ACM Reflections & Projections Conference. Looks like she learned a lot!

Moses in a Banana Suit

Seelio made a bet with the founders of online education startup Bloc, that if they could get a girl besides Sharon and Chelsea to try on the Banana suit, that Moses would wear one too. They were pretty excited about the result! Note, they’re also wearing Seelio stickers :)

Seelio and Other Men of Build

Apparently “Build” was a popular theme at the University of Illinois, ACM Reflections & Projections Career Fair. Check out Seelio’s Jerry with representatives from Addepar and Academia.edu reppin’ the theme.

UIUC Friends of Seelio

Seelio’s stop in Urbana-Champaign culminated with a trip to Flat Top Grill with some awesome UIUC Seelio users! Thanks for having us guys!

From left to right: Jerry Wang (Seelio Co-Founder, CDO), Raj Vir (Michigan Student), Chelsea Hunersen (Seelio Community Manager), Sanny Lin (UIUC Student), Sharon Chen (Seelio Designer), Moses Lee (Seelio Co-Founder, CEO), David Fontenot (Michigan Student) Aabhas Sharma (UIUC Student), Vignesh Vishwanathan (UIUC Student), Achal Varma (UIUC Student).

We certainly had a blast on this trip, and we hope you enjoyed seeing our pictures. If you want to check out more pictures of this fantastic trip, head over to our Facebook page. If you are an active user and want to participate in one of these Seelio trips, e-mail Chelsea and we will see how to get you involved.

Welcoming a new generation: Seelio is now live!

Early truApp draftEarly truApp profile pageLate truApp profile pageSeelio profile page

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

At the beginning of the year we launched truApp, an exclusive portfolio site for University of Michigan students, on the hypothesis that college students need a next generation resume to truly showcase their achievements, passions, and personalities.

Why? The black and white resume just can’t do it.

Since launch, we’ve met with  hundreds of you, both students and companies, to collect in-depth feedback. Instead of incrementally improving truApp, we decided to scrap it and start over.

The past few months have been consumed by sleepless nights, euphoric moments of inspiration, hilarious team dinners and loads of hard work, but our new platform is finally here. Introducing to the world, Seelio.

We are excited for you check out the new site. In the months to come, we will be introducing new features and making the site even better.

Email us at founders@seelio.com if you have feedback for the team or just want to ask us questions.

-Moses, David, & Jerry