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New Features on Seelio Including Statistics, Video Uploads, and More!

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So far 2015 has been a busy one at Seelio HQ. Over the last few months we’ve been working hard on some new features that we think you’ll be pretty excited about. We’ve heard that you want more insights and analytics about your works and portfolios. You’ve also asked us for the ability to directly upload video files, not just link to ‘em on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

And we’ve also got some exciting updates for anyone who is ready to move past their identity as a student. When you’re browsing Seelio liking, commenting on, or posting works, your identity doesn’t have to be limited to your alma mater because now you can customize your headline information.

Want more details? Read on to see the specific updates we’ve been making on Seelio, or check out our post about updates we’ve recently made for educators. As always, we love to hear from you so drop us a line anytime to ask questions or share your new feature ideas!

New on Seelio: Works I Like

Good news for all of the like-ers out there! Now when you log into your account on Seelio and visit your Activity Feed, you can choose to view all of the works that you’ve liked by clicking Works I Like.

A picture of "Works You've Liked" View in Seelio's Activity Feed

By visiting the “Works I Like” feed, it’s easier to find your favorite works and keep track of inspiration for your own portfolio. Also, when others like your work, you’ll get a notification about how your work is being appreciated.

Need to “like” a few works first? Get started by clicking the heart icon on a work anywhere on Seelio.

Check out the gallery or activity feed and see what you like today!

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3 New Features to Be Thankful For

It’s that time of year- time for family, food and NEW SEELIO FEATURES to go along with our recent profile re-design! Please excuse us if we are just as excited for this as we were for Mom’s turkey. Ok, maybe not, but…here are the new things you should find with our release.

Today we are introducing a new home for you on Seelio, a place to centralize all your operations — a dashboard! Now when you go ‘home’ you find:

Activity Feed. See new works as they are published.
People Like You. See what other students, just like you, are doing.
Share Your Seelio. Link for you to share Seelio with other people or recruiters.

Activity Feed

To make it easier for you to fill out your Seelio, we are giving you step-by-step instructions (yes, we care that much!). You can now see what you need to add and how to make your Seelio even better. Once your Seelio is done, you even get to pick (or change) your username!

Progress Bar

Starting today you can login to Seelio with Facebook or Gmail. This is especially great news for those of you too busy to create a profile, or who want to be able to use these networks to spread the good news. We are also lifting the .edu email restriction. While Seelio is still meant for students and recent grads, our friends in other countries (like the great white north and the Queen’s Kingdom) can get a Seelio. Wohoo!

Social Login


We hope you like these changes as much as (if not more than) we do, but as always we are looking to constantly improve. Please feel free to let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to participate in the Seelio community!

Feel free to contact Chelsea (chelsea@seelio.com) for any questions/comments/concerns etc. about this post!