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5 Updates to Start Your Week in Seelio!

The Seelio developers, as promised, have been hard at work this past week. We wanted to give you a quick glimpse at 5 of today’s new releases:

1. URLs are no longer case-sensitive. Now it does not matter whether you type JohnAppleseed, johnappleseed or JoHnApPlEsEeD (Myspace nostalgia, anyone?),  Seelio will get you where you need to go! This also works for company urls, so no matter whether you type “lyonscg” or “LyonsCG” you will end up with the consulting group you are searching for!

2. Clicking jobs/people will now open in a new window. Many of you have remarked that you do not like losing your place when you click on a posting. Now you don’t have to start all over, because postings will open in a new tab. Wohoo! (We love this one too!)

3. Job posts are visible without sign-in. You can now see jobs from great companies and pass them around to friends without signing-in to Seelio. Then again, if you like what you see, why not sign-in?

4. “For Hire” Badge. Seelio now gives you the opportunity to tell recruiters when you are available for hire! Make sure you make the appropriate changes by editing your settings. Use the pencil icon at the upper right corner of your Seelio and make sure to check “I am available for hire” to change this setting.

5. ‘Have an Idea?’. Starting now you can easily submit your ideas to the Seelio-verse! When you log onto Seelio you will now see a tab in the corner that asks ‘Have an Idea?’. Click this tab to go to our new user forum. Let us know how we can improve Seelio by adding a new idea or voting for one already there (by blaise). We are excited to see what you guys suggest.

We hope that these new features will help enhance your Seelio experience and are always welcoming new feedback! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail support@seelio.com and tell us what we can do to help.

As always, check us out on Facebook and Twitter for updates throughout the week.

Peace, love and Seelio.