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New on Seelio: Full Page Work View

Seelio Brings Your Work to the Next Level with a Full Page Work View

Now when you click the link on a work from the Dashboard, Gallery, or someone’s portfolio, you land on an enhanced, full-page view that shows all of the work’s attachments, descriptions, and collaborators.

This means that when you share a link to your work on your favorite social network or in an email to a recruiter, they will see your work at its best. Read more about the new design below!

Help Image

What you’ll find from left to right:

  • Like and Share buttons are on the left side of each work to enable easy sharing.
  • Work title and categories appear at the top along with a general description to give context for the work.
  • Icons (lock, globe, or group) depict who can see the work and what groups it appears in. Simply hover over them to get more information.
  • Views and likes are counted in the upper right corner to let you see the exposure level of the work at a glance.
  • All of the attachments appear in large tiles and can be expanded to fullscreen or viewed directly from the page.
  • Collaborators and their contributions appear at the right to show who participated in the work and the impact that they made. With just one click, follow or message one or all of the work’s collaborators.
  • Comments  appear below the attachments for anyone to provide feedback or kudos about the work.

Hop over to Seelio to explore the new full-page view!

Write-Wall Full Page View

New Features on Seelio: More Visibility for Your Work

We’re excited to share some exciting new features released on Seelio this week. Have a feature request or an idea to share? Let us know!

See Who Has Liked Your Work

Curious about who’s been liking your work on Seelio? Now you can hover over a like count to see who has liked that work.

See Who Has Liked Your Work


Enhanced View of Collaborators 

For team projects, you can now see all of the collaborators on a work in the Dashboard and Gallery view. We figured if you all worked hard on it you should all get credit! Also, now when someone interacts with the project by commenting on it or editing it, their profile picture appears alongside the project.

Dashboard View of Work with Collaborators

See All of a Work's Collaborators

Gallery View of Work With Collaborators

Gallery View of Collaborators


New Features on Seelio: Likes, Lightboxes, People, and Privacy

Have you noticed some new treats on Seelio lately? Read on for updates about some of our new features:

Like and Be Liked

See something you like as you browse your news feed or the gallery? Now you can “like” what you see! Hop into the gallery and like something today.

Like Feature on Seelio

 A New Look for Your Works

We are always looking for ways to make sure your works look great. Now when you browse the gallery and click on a work to explore it more, a lightbox feature helps your project stand out and truly be noticed. P.S. See the work view count? That’s new for you too!

New Work View

A New Look for the People Page

When you spend time on Seelio it should be easy for you to find people and projects that are most interesting to you. Now your dashboard activity feed shows you updates on people you’re following, people in your group(s), projects from collaborators, works you liked, or works you commented on.

Also the People page makes it easier to quickly browse the people you’re following, the people who follow you, and people who are like you. If you want to see more activity on your dashboard, find some interesting people to follow!

Seelio's People Page

Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

We hope you want to show off all of the great things you’re working on but we understand that sometimes it’s good to keep things under wraps until you’re ready to share them. Now for every work you add, you have privacy settings that enable you to make it visible only to you, only to a group you’re a member of, or to the whole world.

Privacy Settings