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Developer Detour: Trailing Semicolons FTW

by david 0 Comments

Our Dev Team works HARD at Seelio, and we love them for it.

David JsaFrom re-working our front page to coding our new on-boarding process and more, they have little time to do everyday things like eat, sleep, etc.

KIDDING, but they do have little time to write blog posts, so we were real thrilled when our head developer David sent us this.

Those who want to know what its like to be a Seelio developer, enjoy!

Today after we compiled and launched our new add work feature (check it out, btw! Screengrabs, image grabs, and Vimeo integration are all new!), my coworker turned her laptop around to show me our page jumbled all together and beyond recognition. As every programmer knows, one semicolon can make a disproportionate amount of difference.

So we generally use uglify.js to minify our javascripts. We also concatenate all our scripts together per each page so that we can reduce numbers of requests to our server and keep our load times shorter. However, this doesn’t help when trying to debug a script which is one line tall and 397495 characters (give or take a few thousand) long, and the only clue you’re given is:

Object is not a function.

Step one:

Beautify the uglified javascript so that debugging is even possible. I tried three different tools, and finally found this one that worked. The result was 9000 lines long, and I wasn’t about to fish through that in one line.

Step two:

Copy the new script to the server as a file. Pasting that many characters and lines proved prohibitive over ssh and vim. Find the offending line.

Step three:

Google the issue. This is always a step.

Step four:

Discover that the object that is not a function is actually being called because two scripts have been concatenated together, and one of the scripts is entirely surrounded by parenthesis because CoffeeScript compiles to Javascript as whole functions wrapped in parenthesis and then evaluated. The second script has been placed next to the first script, such that Javascript parses as the first script as a function being called with the second script as an argument. Obviously.

Step five:

Add a semicolon in the offending line at the appropriate spot. Everything works.

Step six:

Add a trailing semicolon to the former of the two concatenated files, so that, when concatenated, there will be a semicolon between the two.

Step seven:

Recompile the concatenated javascript for testing. Still working! Score. (Usually this is where things are still choosing not to work, in which case steps eight through up to seven hundred sixty three may become necessary).

Step eight:

Push the changes to the live server. Crisis averted.


1) If you’re going to concatenate scripts, run your pages once with everything concatenated to make sure everything checks out.

2) Also, add trailing semicolons to all your files. It will make concatenating just a little safer.

Hope you enjoyed this little foray into our front-end debugging. Leave some comments if you’ve got better ways of doing things, we’re always up for hearing them!

NYC Startups on Seelio: 2013 NYC Tech Talent Draft

by Emily Keller-Logan 0 Comments

Seelio and NYCEDC Partner to Offer Students Opportunities With NYC Startups!

We’re excited to announce a partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) to give students on Seelio first access to opportunities with NYC startups on a newly launched NYC Jobs Page as part of the 2013 NYC Tech Talent Draft.

This event is the next in a serious of successful NYC Tech Talent Drafts. In spring and fall 2012,  NYCEDC conducted 11 information sessions and networking events at 7 top northeastern universities, connecting nearly 800 CS/engineering students to 48 executives from 44 NYC start-ups.

Check out what NYCEDC has to say about our partnership:

“NYCEDC’s NYC Tech Talent Draft program is thrilled to join forces with Seelio to help further our goals of attracting top technical talent to NYC’s booming startup ecosystem. We chose to promote NYC Tech Talent Draft jobs through Seelio because we feel their robust site showcases student work in a concrete way, while providing our participating startups with an easy to use hiring platform.”

–Dmytro Pokhylko, Director at the Center for Economic Transformation at NYCEDC

Be sure to update your Seelio because, starting today, we’ve launched a new NYC Jobs Page on Seelio. Check back regularly as NYC startups post their jobs! 

This page is where NYC startups participating in the 2013 NYC Tech Talent Draft can post positions, and students on Seelio will have first cut at submitting applications.

Throughout the 2013 NYC Tech Talent Draft, NYCEDC will be visiting college campuses and hosting events with founders, CEOs and key leaders from NYC startups to answer students’ questions about what it’s like to work in the startup world. See below for the current schedule. Don’t worry if there isn’t an event at your campus, you can still apply for jobs on Seelio’s NYC Jobs Page.

Stay tuned for new jobs to post and for updates in Seelio blog posts, newsletters and over at the NYCEDC Tech Talent Draft page for how to participate in these events!

  • Cornell: January 30, 6:30-7:30pm
  • U Penn: February 21, 3:15-5:00pm
  • Princeton: February 22, 4:30-6:30pm
  • Boston citywide event: Date TBD
  • Carnegie Mellon: Date TBD

Questions? Drop me a line at emily@seelio.com.



Warm Up With Seelio’s ‘Amazon Kindle Fire HD’ Giveaway!

by Chelsea Hunersen 0 Comments

It’s been cold outside and there’s much more winter to weather. We want to help you warm up with Seelio‘s new Amazon Kindle Fire HD Giveaway!

Here’s how it works:

Add Works

From now thru December 31st and be entered into a drawing to win an Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

Now there’s a bigger than ever incentive to upload your final projects, side projects and summer internships you never got around to adding. Better yet, each work counts as a separate entry, so enter as many times as you like!

If you are stumped for ideas of work, see what your peers are uploading in our Seelio gallery, or search for certain types of students on our people tab to see what they’re doing. Remember, a ‘work’ does not mean professional work experiences, but more something on which you have done some work.

Here are the Rules of Eligibility:

  • Work must be complete including at least one Attachment (image file, video, pdf, etc.), Description of the work and “My Impact” (Role/Contribution)
  • Only works uploaded between December 17th – December 31st will be counted
  • User must currently attend or have recently graduated from a recognized University and have a profile picture
  • User must currently reside in the United States

Happy uploading! Can’t wait to see the great work.

Questions? Contact Community Manager, Chelsea (chelsea@seelio.com).