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Partner Spotlight: How WVU Communication Studies Showcases Student Success

At Seelio we get to see regular examples of the amazing thing students are accomplishing. Like Valerie’s involvement in Hack the Gender Gap.

Valerie Bennett's work on Hack the Gender Gap

In fact, we built Seelio exactly for this reason– to empower students to easily and beautifully showcase their skills, passions, and experiences. One of the features we offer to our college and university partners is the ability to embed featured showcase galleries on university domains to highlight the great work that their students share publicly.

West Virginia University’s Department of Communication Studies is celebrating student achievements, like Valerie’s, on their department website and helping students see what it looks like to be a WVU Communication Studies major.

Not only does this help the department bring the communication studies major to life, it also encourages students to share their learning experiences in and out of the classroom.

Facebook Post


Instagram Post


Check out what WVU Communication Studies students are working on by visiting their Communication Coursework Showcase.


WVU Comm Studies Showcase3


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Partner Spotlight: Differentiating Programs Through Brand Ambassadors


Each of our partners has a story they want to tell about their programs. Whether it’s the impact of experiential learning, the flexibility of online courses, or a commitment to career preparedness, institutions are recognizing that current students can be the perfect brand ambassadors to give a real perspective of what learning looks like in their college or university.

“Eduventures data indicates that for the first time, current students are on par with parents as influencers of prospective students’ enrollment decisions. Inviting members of your community—from students and faculty to alumni—to participate by spreading simple ideas in their own words can foster community-wide engagement and generate authentic content for both recruitment and fundraising purposes.”


Larry Burns, Vice President of External Affairs at the University of Toledo, consistently looks for innovative ways to showcase the power of a UT degree. In this brief video, he shares how implementing Seelio in two colleges at the university enabled students to serve as brand ambassadors, documenting evidence of the skills they were building and how their UT degree sets them apart. Hear more of his perspective in this short video:


Want to learn more? Hear Mr. Burns speak about the value of a true partnership in edtech or hear from other Seelio partners about how they’re creating more prepared students with student lifecycle portfolios.

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Partner Spotlight: A Dean Shares How Seelio Portfolios Help His Program Show Its Value to Students


One of our favorite things about working in higher education is getting to see the diverse array of talents that students bring to their college communities. While a student’s musical talents or previous community organizing experience might be shared with a few close friends, online portfolios allow for students across degree programs, and even across campuses, to showcase the many things they have accomplished both inside and outside the classroom. As more and more students aren’t coming to college directly from high school, the need to capture and relate past life experiences to current learning has only increased.


Our partners recognize the value that portfolios bring to their college communities. In a recent interview, Scott TitsworthDean of the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University, shared challenges the college faces, many of which are common across institutions of higher education, such as:

  • Competing for a smaller slice of students
  • Presenting a compelling narrative to students about the value-added experience that they will have in a degree program
  • Showing students exactly what it looks like to move closer to their career goals through a specific degree program

Dean Titsworth also shared how using Seelio as a digital identity solution helps the Scripps College of Communication face these challenges head on. See his response in this short video:


Want to learn more? Hear Dean Titsworth speak about the value of portfolios in assessing students or hear from other Seelio partners about how they’re creating more prepared students with student lifecycle portfolios.

See how we go beyond ePortfoliosExplore student work on Seelio