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Student Spotlight: Matthew Dombrowski, Purdue University Calumet

It’s not every day that you get to stand up to present your portfolio in front of university leadership and business executives. But when your work starts to speak for itself, cool things can happen. At least that was the case for Purdue University Calumet student Matthew Dombrowski.

A screenshot of Matthew Dombrowski's Seelio

Matthew initially started building his portfolio on Seelio as a part of a class assignment and it didn’t take long for people to start taking notice. From a well-crafted About section to visually engaging and personality-infused work examples, Matthew’s work started grabbing attention. So much so that he was invited to present about his work to his college’s Dean’s Executive Council, a gathering of university leadership and the region’s leading industry and business executives. Check it out in the photo below!

Matthew Dombrowski presenting to the Dean's Executive Council

We asked Matthew if we could share a bit more of his story with you and he kindly agreed. Take a look at our interview below and be sure to check out his advice about how you can leverage your portfolio to stand out!

Student Spotlight: Stephanie Peters and Lucas Gard from Purdue University Calumet

One of our favorite things about wrapping up a semester is seeing students who take all of the great work they’ve been doing in classes and start to show it off in their portfolios.

At Purdue University Calumet, our service team kicked off portfolios in a variety of programs this semester. In one class, our faculty partner, Dr. Magesh Chandramouli, approached us with a great idea–setting up a contest to showcase the 2 students who went above and beyond with their portfolio throughout the class.

In all the CGT (Computer Graphics Tech) courses that I teach, I constantly urge the students to build a digital portfolio and continually update it. Seelio has made it quite simple for the students to organize and present their work in an effective and visually-appealing format to prospective employers. Instead of having to worry about designing the website, students can now actually focus on the ‘quality of their work’. I strongly recommend Seelio for creating a good-quality digital portfolio that can help with the job search-process and also serve as a visually pleasing online repository –  Magesh Chandramouli, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Computer Graphics Technology

For the challenge, students in Digital Lighting and Rendering, a computer graphics class focused on providing a working knowledge of both virtual and real world lighting technologies, were given a copy of Seelio’s Student Portfolio rubric and instructed that the students with the best final scores would be selected as class winners. The winners would have their portfolios featured to the Seelio community and receive a certificate from the PUC College of Technology and Seelio recognizing their great work.

Over the semester we encountered some pretty cool updates from students in the class showcase:

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.15.58 AM
But, as the semester came to an end, only two students could win.

Scripps Student Emelia Douglas Shares Her Passion for Art and Plan for the Future

We love starting a new semester! Along with new syllabi, classes, and campus visits, we get to meet thousands of new students in the span of a few short weeks– all on Seelio!

We watch the gallery and activity feed as students around the country begin sharing what they’re learning and working on. And we’re thrilled when we get to meet students like Emelia, who is studying Games and Animation as a Media Major at Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication. Reading her story and watching her portfolio come to life right in front of us made us want to learn more: how did she find her passion for animation? And how did she fit her passion into her studies?

Read on to learn more about her and see her advice for how you can pursue your passion in academics too!

Emelia Portfolio